Forces sent to war without adequate training.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by vvaannmmaann, Dec 30, 2008.

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  1. Well smacks of Enemy at the gate, chaps you will soon have a choice as to who gets the shooter and who the rounds, and no you can't have both!
  2. probably as we have been before so it more or less refresher training
  4. Fcuk off Dr Fox. Those units that deploy to both sandpits are well trained and there is little evidence of errors on the battlefield. Anyone who considers that the Tory party would have handled the whole Iraq/Afghanistan affair any better than Labour needs to have their head checked.
  5. Seems a bit of spin by the Tories.

    Some of the exercises in BATUS are cancelled or scaled down because there is just not the personnel available. It does have the added side effect of saving a massive amount of money.

    The flip side to this is once money has been saved on an exercise the bean counters are loath to allow the cost to go back to the full level.

    Ammo for a Med Man costs about 7 million, for 2 x Armd Sqns and 2 x Armd Inf Coy, this will include Arty and a massive amount of RE natures, however Guided Weapons are not accounted for and save about another million.
  6. Well said.
    However the armed forces are underfunded which wouldn't surprise me if it resulted in some training exercise-cuts.
  7. I also recall seeing several exercises cancelled this year at very short notice as the inhabitants of the host country were busy committing ethnic cleansing, and it was felt that a UK presence might be a tad inflammatory...
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not sure if slagging fox is the answer, perhaps an email to point out his errors may help. Medman is good for BG trg and I wish I had been mech when I had served as wainwright by comparisom could have been done at Sennelager!
    Perhaps the onus of his comments could be redirected to the lack of forthcoming funds for more medmans if true?
    I suspect however that the Tories like liarbore would have funded adequate optag had they been daft enough to join GWB's crazy adventures, lets face it NITAT ran and ran through many changes of Govt and was mainly down to the Army for ensuring it happened than any politicos!
  9. No! It could not happen in this country! Oh! no!