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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by pilotless, Apr 5, 2012.

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  1. Apoligies if this one is covering old ground, but I am trying to get in contact with whoever provides Forces Safeguard Life Insurance. I have been paying the small sum of £10 a month from my main pay since 1992, with no correspondence with the company. I have tried all the numbers posted on past threads with no joy, and of course the pay office are as helpful as ever.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Google leads me here. Don't know if it helps.

  3. Thanks Chromodynamix,

    Tried all their numbers, but not in service.

  4. Not sure but I have spent the last month chasing this as I had a safeguard policy to, found out the policy is now held with a company called Harrison Beaumont and can be contacted on 01993 862 020. The getting half your money back deal still works to
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    How long did you trawl for to necro post this! Still nice catch, and a useful bit of info.
  6. Forces Safeguard Trust Ltd is operated by Scottish Widows Ltd. The benefit under the policy currently issued by Scottish Widows to members of Forces Safeguard Trust is a lump sum payable upon death. The Scheme is closed to new members. Those who have remained loyal members on leaving the Armed Forces are probably entitled to a Loyalty Cash-back. AFFAS (run by Harrison Beaumont at Hook tel 0844 8753506) acts as a middleman between the individual or the Service unit concerned and Scottish Widows. Please contact Stephen Turze on that number or email him on
  7. To update this post if anyone else still serving or recently left and has the Forces Safeguard policy with the loyalty cashback, this is no longer with Harrison Beaumont and has now been passed to Trinity Services, POC's Leanne or Robert although others do know about it and their contact number is 01243 817776