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Forces Reunited

My mother registered for this site and paid what was supposedly a one off fee for membership, yet every month her bank account has been getting dipped for the same amount. Having not used the site myself I had a look, and as far as I can see it's £5 a year, not a month.
Any attempts to contact their customer services have been unsuccesful, they keep saying read the terms and conditions. When she said she was cancelling at the bank they went in AGAIN and took more money.

I registered myself today, and it seems to be designed to get money from you. Is it just a rip off? Does anyone know how to get any response from these people?
I registered for free years ago, they never leave you alone (Spam), they even send you messages telling you that someone is trying to contact you so that you re-log on and pay up to read the message, all a scam!

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