Forces Reunited Web Site

Anybody know much about the aforementioned web site?
I ask because a good while ago I registered (no money paid) on there and this weekend I had an email from them saying that I had a new email in my inbox, never having had an email from anybody on there before I tried to get into my inbox as it could have been an old mate with that fiver I lent him in 1969. (Henry is always an optimist!)
No go! I was prevented from entering because I have never taken full membership so I decided it was worth a fiver for 6 months membership just see who was sending me the email.
I paid and lo and behold no bloody email in my inbox, call me old fashioned but I reckon this is sharp practice (or an IT problem), so far they have not replied to my email calling them a bunch of sh1ts.
Has this happened to any other Arrser?
I joined them only because a search for an old friend with an unusual name was successful. I registered but didn't pay, and found that the "friend" had vanished! Strange...!

I will watch carefully for any future messages.

used them and found old friend from back in the sixties. used to be P.T.I,s together. He now lives abroad in Cyprus but came over few months back great reunion.

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