Forces reunited starting on Sky 22 Mar 10


Fiona Phillips presents Forces Reunited - an emotionally charged new series highlighting the heroic efforts of Britain’s armed forces.

From fathers returning from current conflicts to be reunited with their families, to World War II buddies who have not seen each other for many decades, this moving series will reunite the individuals who have selflessly served our country, revealing tales of bravery, love, loyalty and friendship.

Forces Reunited begins on Sky Real Lives: Monday 22nd March, 8.30pm.

Looks like it will be a good show.
To be fair, it's going to give good publicity and it'll be a goodun for the lads getting back together and what not, but it seems a little too....showy and arse kissey. Pushing towards making a mockery of it all with glitz rather than just being about the people.
Sounds like a militaristic Surprise, Surprise.

I can see Cilla Black now chatting to some old vet from WWII, "Now the last time you saw Herman Von Schnitzlen he was trying to gut you with a bayonet, back in 1943. But he's here tonight....."
I was going to watch this however if that stupid fecking mare Fiona Phillips is presenting it I shall give it a miss.

One woman full of her own self importance.

mark1234 said:
Sounds dogsh1t.
You are really AA Gill and I claim my £10. :)
This programme is a crock of shite, Fiona comes across patronising. Utter shite, don't bother watching them scrape the barrel with non-starter stories etc.
It'd be ok if it wasn't for the mong presenting it. She has no knowledge of the military and can't even interview people properly. If there is more than one person she asks them the same question. Still watch it though.
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