Forces Recruitment Services (FRS)

Haven't been around ARRSE for quite some time bar keeping an eye on the top posts each month. But today I have read quite a lot regarding agencies being useless. Cant talk for all of them, but only for ours. I am a Regional Director for FRS and I want to start posting our roles on ARRSE. We currently have over 20 offices and place hundreds of ex-military each year, into all different kinds of roles.

In the meantime, I can maybe help you with any questions you have regarding leaving the army, or issues you have had since leaving. If I cant answer them, I should know someone who can. Almost all of the company are ex-military, who have all been through the same or similiar process in terms of leaving and trying to find a job.

Anyway, I will start to post our roles in here and also invite any questions you have. So please PM me or visit our website at FRS - Helping ex Forces & ex military personnel into jobs

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