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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Major_Sharpe, Mar 3, 2008.

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  1. Is the forces railacard availible to TA personnel? If so how do I go about getting one? Or could I get away with just my MOD90?


  2. No I'm afraid TA aren't entitled to the rail cards regs only
  3. Couldn't find the search function then?
  4. Just to elaborate- the reasoning is that we can get a Rail Warent for any rail journeys required for duty, thus making a rail card a nice but unnecessary extra.

    T C
  5. Sorry, searched after I posted. Yes, i am backwards.

    What would happen if I just jumped on with a mod90?
  6. the TA only get a forces railcard if they are mobilised, so if you want one get bookedon a al expensed paid sunshine holiday.

    One Army my ARRSE!!!

  7. How the fuck would we know you fucking clown?

    I imagine it would be the same as if someone jumped on with a fucking library card.

    Anymore bone questions?
  8. You'd get:

    A. Made to pay the difference if the conductor came round.

    B. Turfed off at the next station

    C. Nicked and fined

    D. Told you need a proper railcard and let off with a warning (nice Conductors only).

    Make your choice and you can phone a friend (from nick) or ask the Audience.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    One Army. You're not entitled to indulge either, but that nice Mr Brown/e will let you go to war for him!
  10. Nothing as you would have had to purchase a full fare ticket
  11. Yep - found it really amusing that this was on offer as a "perk" pre-deployment. Wasn't getting deployed to Clapham Junction :lol:
  12. Really, well on the 16.07 to Farnborough the other day a lad on the train was asked rof his ticket by the conductor, he had none as the station had been unmanned, he produced a MOD90 and told the conductor where he was travelling to and where he came from. Th conductor said "No worries mate its free for you guys!" I was a bit shocked to say the least as I'd just paid full fare :wink:
  13. Now I'm not the worlds best with computers but, whenever I try the search thing it just lists a whole load of threads of random stuff.

    I stand by to be insulted, degraded and generally made fun of!
  14. I find your attitude extremely negative and somewhat hostile to the original poster. It's understanding though considering he's a complete fuckwit.
  15. railcard ????
    3 rail warrants a year under gyh then only 1 after 3 years services, frees rail warrant for RnR during op tour. Unless it has changed again, do remember nice conductor checking only 1 ticket on journey as the others were asleep, the fact they had no tickets went unnoticed:D