Forces postal system is PANTS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Prince Harry describes Forces postal system as PANTS

    The media reports this morning that Prince Harry was sent a Card by his brother William before Christmas which only arrived three weeks ago. BAFF are currently making enquiries regarding the efficiency of the postal system do we have any other pants episodes?

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  2. How can Amazon parcels, dispatched within days of each other, to the same person arrive 3 weeks apart?
  3. Did you know that it typically takes between 12 and 36 hours for a mail item to reach the unit once it has been received into theatre (Herrick)?

    For Kandahar, you'll get your mail within hours of arrival (it comes off the plane and is sorted and distributed immediately (it's ready for UPOs within approx one hour)); all mail for Helmand arrives on its own pallet ready for cross-load to the next available AT which will usually be within hours (flights to Bastion are at least daily) and for Kabul youre looking at a little longer as cargo flights to Kabul are less frequent. Mail for units in Helmand goes via Bastion, where it is sorted for onward movement (this typically takes less than an additional 24 hours but can be several days depending on destination and flight availability/capacity).

    Unless it is held by the unit for some reason, any delay that amounts to 'weeks' has certainly been caused at the UK end.
  4. Do you mean delays are caused in the UK postal system or are held up at BFPO HQ in Hounslow?
  5. So if post supposed to be that quick going to afganistan, why does it take so long to reach us in NI?
  6. 2 things to point out , " it typically takes between 12 and 36 hours for a mail item to reach the unit " not bad I would say , having recieved my mail in one "wet lump" a week before we came home from the SA , my mum wrote and posted every week, things have improved .
    Secondly I know the boxes I send out dont take long ,a matter of days ,oh and return mail ( generaly small bags of sand FFS and thank you letters) is just as quick.
    I know its not perfect ,just dont send anything with a sell by date.

  7. Mrs Bulldog has been in Afghanistan since the end of Jan, post sent the day she left has still not got to her at Bastion and beyond, the e-bluey is the best it gets there in a couple of days usually, return post tends to come in clumps, but rarely in the sequence they were written, not had any for 10 days, bit speaking on the phone neither has she. Logistics in theatre apparantly.
  8. Get over it. There is a war on, you know. :)
  9. Now that is the right question to ask.
  10. That is also an excellent question; and I think you already know the answer to that one...
  11. I say BFPO HQ in Hounslow!
  12. My bold. I would like to jump all over this one but there is a good point here which may appear to slightly contradict my earlier post. There are significant problems in getting anything to some locations in Helmand (as someone said 'there's a war on'). The transport (principally SH) has limited capacity and op comds will use that capacity to fight the war. Welfare (inc private mail) attracts some priority but it is not, of course, as high as that for CSups or the mov of personnel. So, quite rightly, depending on op tempo (which is routinely high in that theatre), comds' will take risk with welfare and units' mail may not easily get on the SH forward from the FPO at Bastion. That is the way of the British Army and I think in many ways captures the essense of what make the British soldier so damned good at its job (ie the British soldier will hold the line no matter what (I felt my cheast swell as I typed that)).

    Incidentally, it is interesting, I think, that simply getting more assets (eg more SH) will not likely solve this problem. Op comds will not take less risk if they have more assets; they will simply do more. That's the manoeurist way.
  13. Perhaps we should have a vote.

    Incidentally, it's 'BFPO Northholt' (is that in Hounslow?).
  14. Is there any link to this story :?

    Is this BFPO northholt problem?
  15. Some say yes, others say no. Hence the call for a vote. Of course, opinions mean little...

    I think the story was part of an video interview with the Prince, (on Sky News?).