Forces Pension & State pension

Gents I am a forces pensioner, I retired in 1990 and recived my age 55 top up some years ago.
At this moment in time an oldmate is visiting and we where disscusing Army Pensions for he is due his top up at 55 later in year.
I said well
"I'm looking forward to my state pension at 65, make a decent monthly pension with the Forces pension."

'Ah but you will not get the full state pension at 65 for it's reduced when your on two government pensions.

Could anyone give me more information so I may make long term spending plans.


The Social Security Pensions Act 1975 introduced SERPS. The AFPS contracted out from SERPS but, by law, had to pay a pension benefit at least as good as that paid out under SERPS. This amount is known as Guaranteed Minimum Pension (GMP).
When you claim your State benefits from the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) will advise Paymaster (who will pay your pension) how much of your pension is the GMP amount. This is not an additional amount but part of your existing pension. The DWP then become responsible for that part of the increase on your GMP with your state benefits. The addition will be shown on the statement you receive annually from the DWP (DWP may refer to GMP as Contracted Out Deductions [COD]). Paymaster must allow for this when calculating the increase on your pension to avoid you receiving an increase on the same amount of GMP twice.
The GMP may be in two parts, for the period 5 April 1978 to the date you left the Armed Forces (or 5 April 1988 whichever is the earlier) and for the period 6 April 1988 until the date you left the service (or 5 April 1997 whichever is the ealier). Paymaster will increase the part of the GMP that was earned AFTER 5 April 1988, and pay this with your Armed Forces Pension (AFP) but only up to a maximum of 3% . Any increase above 3% and ALL the increase on the GMP amount earned BEFORE 6 April 1988 is paid by the DWP with your State benefits.
However, a further change in the law (Pensions Act 1955) means Paymaster will pay the increase in full on all benefits earned after 5 April 1997.'

From Paymaster's newletter.
Don't fall asleep at the back!
Could some one please give me that in plain English , I retire at 65 next year and have a 22 year Military pension , married , have paid into the system all my working life , just how much in pounds can I expect to pick up >???
Thanks in advance


I don't yet know what it means in £sd, not got my OAP yet. :D

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