Forces Pension Scheme, and the 1975 review. We all paid but we don't all get.

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by Flamboyant, Sep 7, 2013.

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  1. Hi.
    Ive spent a lot of time scatting around here, and have took the plunge today and signed on.
    I spent some time name-no pack drill........and found out how they tick. Well that cured my good thinking for a while.
    Ive been burning my bum trying to get thousands of signatures on an e-petition. And to date the amount of creme ive needed could fill a milk bottle. As i'm new here i will wait to see if i can carry on. I'm Sure the bloke behind me will let me know......................

    As a cold war Vet i'm immune to a lot, and my 74 years have smoothed me down, the only rough edges these days are under my nose, caus i cant seem to get the blade up to those few that hang about there.

    Im daft, and sent e-mails to a lot of people because it said please mail me, it was concerning the e-petition my mail. Well that was that.:omg:

    I hope i will have lots of seriouse, and fun times here, do the old ticker good.

    Be Good-Take Care.
  2. Yep I agree, I was going to say WTF myself.
  3. Have you been drinking turps?
  4. I think he's got a petition about how the pension he was promised wasn't the one he got.
  5. Did you spend any short spells at Porton Down by any chance?
  6. Well that's two, so it cant be bad for a Saturday. And the bait was not on the hook. easy to find those that care. or would like to help a newbie
  7. Flamboyant, I'm in receipt of an army pension (AFPS 75) and it's great getting quite a bit of money every month for free at a relatively young age.

  8. Fact No. and the whisky is for later.
  9. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    The 1975 Pensions & Social Security Act brought in Preserved Pensions for everyone, not just the services.
    Are you saying you should get a better deal than the civvies who also lost out for the same reasons?
  10. Im pleased to hear that, no im not unlucky i enjoyed every bit of my Service, except for the last year. I am doing very well, finances are ok- Marriage is good-Children all OK. But there are thousands of others that are not doing well, are not young, and have been screwed out of their rights, because they paid for a pension, then the goal posts were moved and they were faced with the red card. I wont be about to get any of anything that may come, but i hope that those that are will be pleased as well. Al wore uniforms OR.
  11. Who's Al?
  12. No im just saying that something went bl..dy wrong, and the fact that some lost out by 1 month is not good. The gratuities and pensions were used to recruit when required, and then Dropped.