Forces pension age to rise to 60.

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by MARTOK, Jul 31, 2012.

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  1. Makes sense, we're living longer.
  2. Right so does this mean If I commute my pension. I am going to have to wait until I am 60 to get my uplift after 22 years. Its farking pointless commuting then. My 22 point is jan 2015 seen like more the reason to leave before apr 2015, to hopefully be exempt this cack. I hope the FPS is watching this along with the legion..... As it another knife in the back of the soldier not only have they changed the RPI to CPI but now we are getting shafted with this also... wheres the bus!!!!
  3. This is outrageous.
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  4. I thought everyone was happy public sector workers worked longer?
  5. Not when you have earned it already.
  6. What you have earned up to april 2015 will be safe, after that you get your trousers pulled down and dry bummed. :)

    Thank **** I'm out in decenber 2012.
  7. bat,
    My understanding, from the limited info published so far is that you will retain whatever Pension terms and Conditions you were entitled to on the previous schemes. You will still be on the old scheme (AFPS 75 presumably) so will get your Pension uplift at age 55.


    Oh Yeah nearly forgot Tits and Arrse (**** dry just for you)
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  8. I hope so - Or my solicitor will be working overtime... Thats a fact!
  9. I heard today that there may be a move to tax lump sums from Apr next year, anyone know if this is just the same old rumour being resurrected or is it true?
  10. Source?

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  11. Seeing as the new Pension will not come into effect until 2015 at the earliest, you can surmise that it is just the usual bollocks being splashed around.

  12. I'm over 47 so have ninja'd into the exempt changes bracket. I'd like to think that makes up for never getting a loyalty bonus.

    Still, I'm sure Karabiner's tax hit will be along shortly, as one door shuts, another one traps your fingers.
  13. A colleague, I dont want to risk compromising him