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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Feb 16, 2008.

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  1. Whilst mindlessly surfing on a footie site I came across this, wonder how many clubs will join in.

    Aim is to get each football club in the country to give the fighting men and women either on R&R during a tour or on the R&R after their tour, a day they will never forget
    This will be pretty simple to achieve as all it would involve is something like:

    Allow them to arrive early to the stadium before a match

    Give them a all access guided tour to the ground

    Complimentary lunch and drinks, which alot of clubs already provide for their VIP members

    Give them free access to a VIP box for ther game (or the equivelent at their ground)

    Meet a couple of the players a hour or so before the match

    It is about time that the people who take the brave men and womens money when they pay to see a match gave something back to the men and women giving their lives for this country and the people in it

    These people are the real heroes no the men on the pitch

    Seems like its only just getting off the ground.
  2. I am the owner of

    thank you for posting the link of the cause, and hopefully as many people sign up as possible
  3. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    Your link isn't working Jack.
  4. Forces Of Football
    This one will mate
  5. I know that the England Rugby team done something like this for any injured soldiers, a full VIP day.
  6. ooo right didnt know abou that one, might do some digging and see if i can make any contacts with anyone who helped set it up
  7. Joined the facebook and myspace groups. If only a few clubs do something it will have been worth it.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Sightly off thread but a tale to be told I feel
    New York 2003 exchange with NY National Guard
    2 day in the big city everyone getting asked by our host what do you want to do
    Aside from all the usual titty bars,strip clubs I asked if I could go to see the Yankees play
    A lad says I.m NYPD leave it with me
    So in the end about 10 of us and 2 NYPD lads go to Yankee stadium for the game
    Our NYPD chum walks up to a stadium official and states 2 NYPD and 10 Brit soldiers for the game
    Bloke hands him without any drama $40 tickets for each of us
    I asked if we didn't have to pay and was told no they keep tickets aside for any forces firemen and ploice etc in case they fancy coming to the game (quality seats to)
    A cracking night had by all and more than a fair few people regreted not coming with us

    BTW does anyone remember after Granby (the popular war in the Gulf) free tickets getting handed out for the Spurs V arsonal semi at Wembley ( the one with the Gazza goal)
  9. This is a quality cause, I well up for supporting it. I will be contacting Aldershot Town FC later today, see if I can get them to place an advert in the matchday programme or website. This can go a long way with the right support.
  10. cheers for the help

    hopefully more than a few clubs will sign up, the aim is the get most the lower league clubs signed up and about half the prem teams signed up
  11. i'd suggest starting with blue square premier and league 2 teams.
  12. well im emailing phoning anyone i can think off that would be interested in this cause, think i've covered everyone in the blue square premier now

    im also asking anyone who thinks this is a good cause to spread the word as much as possible

    as we never know who might pick it up
  13. I've noticed recently they've been flying the Army flag in their ground on the flagpole near the ticket office.