Forces not ready for missions - MoD

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Perhaps it will start to sink in now?
  2. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Overstretch? No -it is not overstretch, it is a challenge...........

    Unfortunately, the message will not sink in until we actually do not deploy when the Gobment decides it wants us to - because the resources are just not there. We are near that point - but not yet and only then will any realisation take place.
  3. What would happen should the Argies go for a rematch?

    Stern email in a harsh font?
  4. Well if the forces there couldn't stop a landing I doubt that much would be available for reinforcement. A landing on West Falkland by amphibious forces might be plausible if foolhardy but short of flying over it dropping bombs I don't see that much could be done to "drive them out". There wouldn't be the manpower to pull away from Stanley nor the reinforcements available in the UK to send out (let alone the means of getting them out there.) Subs would be very important.
  5. Its like the defense select comittee report opening lines: "The Armed forces will have some tough decisions to make...". Err...hang on. Calling them tough decisions makes it sound like which bus route to cut, not which service to leave with critical cash shortages and therefore shoddy equipment.

    I suspect that the only way this government is going to listen is when we suffer a major defeat. I can see no way of showing the current lot that the armed forces are in a critical state without a significant loss of life. I pray daily that the Conservatives will get in in time and save us, although I'm not overly confident.

    Also, where are they getting the manning figures from? Certain areas, like AMS, are horrendously undermanned even according to figures easily obtainable from! Even the most damning articles in the press seem to follow only the mildest line of attack as much jucier statistics are avaliable to lay at the doorstep of No.10.
  6. We didn't have TLAMs in '82, we could just drop a few on Buenos Aires and I'm sure they'd retreat with their tails between their legs!
  7. Would they really be that stupid to try for a seaborne invasion though after what happened to the Admiral Belgrano the last time around? Off the top of my head and having a quick look at wikipedia (yes I know it's not exactly the most reliable source ever, but like I said off the top of my head) they've got 5 C-130s so why not use them in an airborne attempt? Use 3 of them to drop close to 300 guys on RAF Mount Pleasant and the other two to 120 or so guys on Mare Harbour and dig in.

    We've only got four planes at Mount Pleasant so you might be able to get some on the ground but if not once you're sitting on their home airfield with most of their supplies their effectiveness is going to be negated fairly quickly I would have thought. Then just use Mount Pleasant to swamp the place with reinforcements as quickly as possible - for that you can simply use commercial hired 747s rented beforehand for troops and converted 747 cargo planes or something like that to bring in vehicles and supplies, plus maybe some light artillery like 105s and helicopters. Then just sit back and laugh when the government realises that they've got bugger all besides the CCF to send. Like I said I've got no idea how actually feasible this is though.
  8. er, that didn't work in Iraq or kosovo, so i wouldn't expect it to work against argentina. They know we will struggle to put more thatn one sub in their area, and after a very small number of tlam launches, that sub will have to go home to get more.

  9. I thought we were in trouble in 1999 and it's been going downhill ever since!

  10. If you think you are hard done by, take a look across the Channel and you will see what the methodical destruction of an armed force looks like.

    Currently not a day goes by without a demonstration or an open letter by mayors or deputies or old comrades afraid of seeing their local unit or their former regiment disbanded; last one to speak was the mountain troops association after the announcement that the two mountain training centres in Barcelonnette and Briançon will close down.

    And that's only just the beginning...
  11. Sadly nothing can be done now to stop the situation deteriorating further over the next 30-36 months. What they could do now is invest heavily so that the numbers may start to improve in 2011. Sadly, I don't believe that we will see any investment from this government and by 2010 it will probably be too late. By 2015 the Army will not be capable of very much at all.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the army is broken but we still have a chance to fix it. By 2010 it may well be broken beyond repair.

    With regard to the Falklands, I understand that the orders for the Garrison in the event of an Argentinian attempt to take the islands are that the islands will be held "at all costs" or words to that effect. This suggests to me that the corporation no longer believes we will be able to re-take the islands.
  12. Didn't France just finally phase out conscription five or six years ago though? Are they really gutting the military or simply finally getting around to realigning it into a more professional and interventionist model?
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Realigning/gutting, depends if you are a political bean counter or a company commander with no fuel or ammo being demanded to hold a position!
  14. Could a 747 land on the Falklands?

    Screw p1ssing around. Lob a nuke into BA, and be done with it. The Argies will whinge no matter what. Ohh, you used Bayonets, sunk a warship, nuked Buenos fcjuking Aires.

    FFS the "families" of the ARA General Belgrano tried to sue for damages on the grounds war was never declared.... just as wellt they were told to wind it in, I´d hate to have seen the bill for Coventry, Antelope, Sheffield, Atlantic Conveyor, Sir Tristam & Sir Lancelot.
  15. Dien Bien Phu happened quite a long time ago now.