Forces Life - BFBS Sunday 14th May 2012 at 2:00 pm

"Forces Life on BFBS this Sunday (2-3pm) has an extended interview with Surgeon Captain Morgan O’Connell Royal Navy (retd), who joined the Royal Navy on a Short Service Commission, but stayed for 31 years, and left as Consultant Advisor in Psychiatry to the Medical Director General (Navy).

During that time, Morgan introduced the SPRINT (Special Psychological Rapid Intervention Team) to the Royal Navy, the forerunner of the TRIM, so endorsed by the Royal Marines…and at this time 30 yrs ago, found himself on the Great White Whale (SS Canberra) as Psychiatrist to the Surgical Support Team (SST) attached to Three Commando Brigade, as they sailed as part of the hastily assembled Task Force, to put pressure on the Argentinians, who’d recently invaded the Falklands…

Dr O'Connell reflects on the period of the Falklands conflict when dealing with those under fire in the heat of battle, how he had dealt with those who were witness to the extreme violence at San Carlos Water, Goose Green, Bluff Cove and the mountain sites of Harriet, Longdon and Tumbledown, recalls the journey home from war, to an expectant family and public who’d little idea of what the forces had been through in the course of the Falklands campaign and what has been learned since the Falklands conflict. You can hear Dr O'Connell on BFBS this Sunday 14th May 2012 just after 2pm - on DAB Digital radio, via Satellite TV Sky Guide 0211, on Freesat Channel 786 and online at BFBS Radio - with Patrick Eade.

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