Forces Legal Aid (Time running out)

from Steve Scully

Forces Legal Aid
23a Glenarm Road
Lower Clapton
E5 0LY

I know we must all be suffering from petition fatigue however, the Forces Legal Aid petition is still current.

At present we have 2,638 signatures, the deadline is 19 August 2007, so time is short for those of you who have yet to sign the petition. SO SIGN NOW...

Please circulate the details to your friends and colleages and ask them for their support.

Those of you who feel up to it, you may like to consider writing to your local or national newspaper or indeed Television or Radio station. eg The Sun, GMTV,Local and national news stations.

Of course you will need to understand why it is so important. Under present government legislation, the families of our military services personnel are not entitled to legal aid, on the rare occasion where the death of their loved one requires an inquest, due to the lack of clarity into the cause of death.

The expense of funding legal representation can run into thousands of pounds, thus making this option prohibitive in most cases.

The petition is to clearly permit the families of our military service personnel the same legal rights as their civilian counterparts, should the financial circumstaces of the family and doubt into details of the cause of death of a loved one qualifies for legal aid in line with their civilian counterpart, bearing in mind that most of the families are actually civilians themselves.

I hope the aforemention has made the overall picture clear, so to summerise.

1 Sign the petition

2 Circulate info to friends and colleages.

3 If you're up to it inform the media.

May I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the families of those who have given their lives and paid the ultimate price in the service of their country.

If there are any questions you would like to ask regarding this message please feel free to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Steve Scully
23/27 Regiment RA OCA
I've known Steve for over 20 years, and he is still passionate on most military issues, long after leaving.

At present Steve is asking if the members of Arrse (after seeing 36GL success) could help in anyway to promote this very worthwhile cause.

He has joined up with 42 Regt RA OCA to try and promote it. As you can appreciate, two OCA's are not going to get as much interest as formats like Arrse, Rum Nation and E-Goat. Any help you can offer much appreciated.

Steve had left his email and mob on his original letter, I've removed them. Anyone wants to contact him for more info then please pm me for his details.


woolyback_bastard said:
Mikal said:
Shook me to recognise the first signature, he's blast from the past.
How do you know Steve, are you ex 23 Bty or 27 Regt.
The list I saw was the most recent 500 or whatever and a guy with CSTL initials was who I mentioned. Went to same school, he made major and I went in the ranks.

edited to add this is now on the 4RTR Yahoo group for the jocks to get stuck in even though I finished in the RE

Would it be worthy "stickying" the post until the deadline?
This closed out with 630 signatories.

Even though I signed it and did the return click via my mail, I have not found my name on it.

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