Forces Insurance

strewth said:

Aside from under insuring the forces, they need to make a profit from the scheme!! It beggars belief and sums up the apathy shown to service members who are prpared to lay down their lives.

Time to wake up and smell the roses chaps.

I am afraid that your logic appears a bit off. Of course insurers are out to make a profit, that is why they exist - they would not be an insurance company they would be a benevolent society otherwise. Pax and other insurers are taking massive hits from claims; therefore they have to pass their costs on. Very much like car insurance. Maybe Pax should do a no-claims discount!

I have no personal objection to paying increased premiums in order to 1) allow PAxc to continue providing servicemen with on average double the MOD compensation scheme, and 2) when I make a claim there is money in the pot and they exist.

Even if the government double or quadrupled the compensation scheme, I would still take out private insurance if it were available.

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