Forces Insurance

Sgt Smyth, SPS of the RAO received his posting order to Afghanistan with the rest of the Battalion, his role was to advise new arrivals about the military “Death in Service Benefits”, especially the insurance policy provided by an International Broker rich off the backs of serving forces.

It wasn't long before the Paymaster noticed that Sgt Smyth had almost a 100% record for insurance sales; linked to a well known blagger of squaddies on active service. You know who I mean!!

Rather than ask Sgt Smyth about this, the Paymaster stood in the back of the room and listened to Smyth's sales pitch to the new guys.

Smyth explained the basics of the Soldiers Insurance Policy to the new recruits, and then said: "If you have Insurance and go into battle and are killed, the M.O.D. has to match the payment of £100,000 to your beneficiaries, a total of £200,000. If you don't have insurance, and you go into battle and get killed, the government only has to pay a maximum of £2000." "Now," he concluded, "who do you think they are going to send into battle first?"

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