Forces in prison/parole/probation; double that on deployment

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rampant, Sep 25, 2009.

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  1. rampant

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  2. It is very sad to see so many ex Service folk fall on hard times. They are looked after, fed, watered and have a strict regime when serving. Sadly once out in Civvie Street, PTSD and lack of coherent structure or a sense of belonging can be a very rapid downwards spiral.

    I remember being in London about 3yrs ago seeing a bearded begging 'crustie' near Charing Cross wearing an RM Beret. He had a couple of laminated photos of himself and his Oppos in happier times.

    We had a few sherberts but went to Marksies and got him Smoothies, Baby Wipes, Sandwiches, Chocolate and a few gifts to help him out. It was very humbling & upsetting to see an ex Booty who had completed CTCRM on the Street. He was a greater, stronger and fitter man than me perhaps 10yrs ago. I was never ever Para / RM fitness. Perhaps a Post Longitudinal study funded the MoD into the snags ex Service Folk fall into would help to look after our own. These folk need help.

    In ideal world in the UK we would have Veterans Hospitals or Wards where no ex serving folk would be homeless or in harms way. If Broon can throw £80 Billion at the Banks why can they not throw £20 Mill to help out Service Charities ?
  3. Because service charities do no give out non-executive directorships or employ you as an advisor
  4. Simple Killaloe,
    Cyclops won't get a Board seat when he gets made redundant next year after the General Election.

    Nothing in it for him or his NeuArbeit oxygen theives, so why should he look out for anyone but himself?

    Self sacrifice, honour and moral courage, are things sadly lacking in most politicians.