Forces in Iraq

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Bowser-Mong, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Hope the following doesnt cause offence to anyone. Is it time that our "illustrious" masters pulled our Armed Foces out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Or would it be an insult to those who have lost their lives? Are we doing a worthwhile job?
    I would be grateful if this could be kept free of abuse but realise that I am just asking for trouble and abuse by making this request.
  2. Bizzarre choice of thread for this one isn it?

    surely this is a current affairs type thing
  3. Yes Apologies. I put it here as I have an aviation background. At least here I should (hopefully) get some more intelligent replies than on the dropshorts site.
  4. I think the main problem with "pulling out" excuse the pun, is that we will leave the classic power vacuum, the country will go back to despair and we will all have to deploy again in a year or so's time, this time repaving the success we have so proudly made.
    But then do we give the courage in our convictions and allow the country a chance to run itself without coalition forces - six of one half a dozen of the other me thinks.
  5. Ohyes... and who will take over...? maybe we could ask our fine friend Iran...yes Iran lets supply shaped charges...hmmmm... r u a serving soldier...??? i hope not.................
  6. NNNNNNNaaaaaa Lets just turn the place to glass with one of them nuc thingies
  7. I agree with Ralf......................................... Biff chit back to the drop short forum for you! Tree Hugger.