Forces in Iraq

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by EYE_OF_SAURON, Apr 27, 2005.

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  1. Is it now time for HM Forces to pull out of Iraq and let their own government get on with running their Country, or do we still have an important part to play?

    My opinion is that most of the attacks we hear about are directed at coalition forces, if we got the hell out of there, what would their reason for attack be then?

    I know that certain sections of the muslim communities are not happy with the elected prime minister, but THEIR country has spoken, they will have to wait for the next election.

    We have completed what we set out to do in Iraq, taken Saddam out of power and insured that the country is run democraticly.

    I say we should now pull out, its not too long a flight should an emergency arise in Iraq!!
  2. mmmmmmmmmmmm .. been a couple of times now!

    How about a third Poll option.....not until they can ensure their own Security?

    As soon as they can lets feckin 'Wacky Race' it out!
  3. Another good question... like why is this in the NAAFI rather than Current affairs or Int Cell??
  4. I thought we were there because of WMDs? :roll:
  5. The country is not stable enough yet, half the iraqi police force are as bent as a nine bob note, u still have the terroist groups tryin to bomb us everyday (they don't mention everythin in the news lets just say). If we were to leave now u'd just get extremest groups fightin it out to get controll, iraq is not going to go away as soon as we'd like to, no matter wot the big wigs say.
  6. LOL - You only hear about the attacks on Coalition Forces as they are the only ones to make our media.

    Look at the UNSCR 1546 which was the justification for invasion - that lays out what conditions must be in place to allow us to leave.
  7. Not just that, i mean we have WMD's in this country, we went in to ensure that Saddam could'nt use them.

    We already knew he had them because he gassed all of those Kurds when he was trying out his "poison"
  8. Leave now and factions will jump up the rhetoric and shooting and civil war will erupt [ if it isn't already in play in some quarters where Sunni extrmeists are already ' conmtrolling ' sectors using Sharia as their ' rule ' despite efforts by more tolerant Shia ' administration ]

    Lots of Iraqi citizens are being targeted by insurgent elements and ' losing it daily ' just not being reported, especially by US media.. Bomb goes off 25 Irais beome pizza toppings and one Marine gets a slinter.. what gets reported on CNN/Fox? "Marine wounded in bomb explosion!"..

    Add that to the rampant, but understandable, nepotism and patronage ' appointments' to security and admin jobs going on and the whole place is no where near stable enough for a pull out of troops..
  9. EoS

    I think you'll find that although the coalition is undoubtedly seeing a fair bit of action most of the poor buggers who are actually dying are the Iraqi's themselves.

    You don't hear about it because the UK press is not interested in Truth or Facts but more "What Can We say to Further Our Own Agemnders and Make More Money" never forget the purpose of a the UK media is to make money for share holders and not to inform the UK public.
  10. Is that "ensure their own security" in the sense of local armed militia acting with popular approval (aka insurgents in some areas) or in the sense of supporting a regime acceptable to the US ?
  11. I was being ironic...
  12. OH! ok then.
    i missed that one :D
  13. looking from a very narrow minded view its a good tour to get on as well, and for those of us on op telic(1)(even though it had no number then), we kicked saddams ass.
  14. Nice use of American there Shakespeare. I would have thought a man of your intellect could speak English :) or do you say things like Trash and Garbage too
  15. We are there now - so whats the point in leaving the country in its unstable condition and run the risk of another oddball dictator taking over?

    I am of the opinion that we shouldnt have gone to war anyway - but we did so lets do the job properly.