Forces in Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Dec 16, 2004.

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  1. POD in press conference makes it clear the 2 remaining armoured brigades to stay in Germany for foreseeable future, gave some of the obvious reasons ie no space and facilities to accomodate them in UK.

    Future 4 Mech Bde also to remain in place as part of 1 Div?
  2. They also said looking at our forces in Germany was the next step after this one and gave a timeline of 15 more years.

    So it looks like there is a plan at hand to remove them from Germany. But whom and where too can only be rumour at the moment.
  3. we will probaly have large permanent bases in the middle east by then
  4. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    If they're low on cleaning rags then they could drive back via france - all the white flags would soon sort out that problem :D
  5. Yes, I took as as 'looking forward 15 years at a time', a rolling review, rather than a fixed 15 yr limit, but may well come to the same thing in practice.
  6. We could find a home for them in NI.
    You know, barracks vacated, "Peace Dividend" all that?

    They're NATO tasked, so it wouldn't be affect "demilitarization"

  7. If I remember rightly they're used to be an Armd Recce Regt stationed in NI, until the "troubles" started, wasn't there?

    Looks like that might be room for a Battalion or two in RAF Kinloss and/or Lossiemouth before too long as numbers are going to be reduced there very shortly. Nimrod numbers are being reduced to 16 at Kinloss and Lossiemouth is losing a Tornado squadron in April 2005.

    Have heard rumours that the Crabs could well pull out of one these bases within the next few years.
  8. You could fit in a unit here and there, but I dont see any way to accomodate even a reduced Armoured Division anywhere else than where they are now. Not without massive, massive expenditure, land acquisition and disruption of civilian communities in our relatively crowded island. The estate we currently use in Germany is not ours to sell.
  9. Wonder how long the boxheads are going to play nice?

    Canada is always a cold and distant possibility...

    Edit:- Come to that the Spams could fit a Division or two onto a very small corner of one of their larger establishments... Keeps them close to the chaps that'll be deploying them if they ever are neeeded.
  10. Back to Libya, then?
  11. Saving grace with the Germans is that they are reducing but will still need the training areas they share with us. As long as we or the spams dont upset them too much...
  12. Thought the spams were shifting thier armour out of Germany???
  13. I didnt mean annoy them IN Germany, but geopolitically. I think 1ID and 1AD are withdrawing not before 2006, to be replaced by a Stryker brigade. Imagine they will kep some log and med facilities but dont know the detail.
  14. Ahh... Thought you meant pre mashing the kartoffel krop and slowing down the autobahns.

    The big question of course is how exactly do you annoy a German?
  15. You are going the right way about it mein freund! :lol: