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Are there many in HM Armed Forces who's be interested in hunting antelope in South Africa?

My good friend is a qualified Professional Hunter based over there, and is licenced to take groups out on hunting excursions into the bush. He is able to supply appropriate rifles, and give instruction where necessary.

He is able to organise taxidermists (mounting of heads and skins), but tries to encourage shooting for the pot rather. For those unable to take the meat & biltong back, it is donated to local disadvantaged people.

If there seems to be much enthusiasm for this, I'll take things further and try organise an trip.
Mate, is that real antelope or antelope dressed as something else, like escaped prisoner or what have you?

and do you supply free bikes or what.

Yes I have a lot of enthusiasm for this.

Does it matter if I have a gammy leg?

oh, and tot siens, laai lekker!

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