Forces Housing - the ground truth?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Captain_Kirk, Feb 14, 2012.

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  1. Why?

    What paper is this for?
  2. Why? Who are you? Who do you represent?
  3. See my visitor message
  4. My house is great, probably not what you wan't to hear, but hey ho
  5. 4 walls a roof and cheap, will do me till a get out.
  6. Quarters in Germany are, by and large, quite good. I'll agree on the grading points though - I asked for my quarter grading to be looked at again, as it was impossible to close the toilet door without standing on the toilet seat. The reply I received was simply that that particular issue wasn't covered by the current grading policy - end of chat, nothing they could do. It would be good if tenents could influence the grading policy in some way.
  7. Kirky, in the Military Mortgages thread you said you'd served abroad so why can't you use your own knowledge of the TSARs (Tri Service Accomodation Regulations) and the 4 Tier Grading Board process contained therein and fight the good fight that way?
  8. Quarters in GT were regraded last year. We were visited, and everything was checked, from state of repair to number of plug sockets. Some were regraded including ours, some were not. Bods who did it were mostly from JHQ, so they had no local axe to grind or knockback to receive, so I expect it was all fair and above board.
  9. Not for any paper dingerr - and I think that mil housing has been done to death - old news now and unlikely to compete with Eurozone crisis, Abu Qatada released on bail, etc. I have 20+ years service over 3 continents and have lived in 6 quarters and 4 hirings - some good, some not so good. I am, unfortunately, now familiar with TSARs and the 4TG system (I really have better things to be doing) and, bluntslane, I am, indeed, attempting to fight the good fight but it would help to get a wider perspective than my own. Good and bad views welcome - I don't have an agenda but I do not think that the 4TG system is especially easy to understand (I had never heard of it until recently) and is even more difficult to challenge.
  10. so why you asking about forces housing then?
  11. Written by one James Kirkup. Ain't coincidence a funny thing?
  12. Filthy muck raking journo scumbags, I shit em!
  13. You've lived in 10 SFA and didn't know that the accommodation was graded!
    Schoolboy error, back to journo school for remedial "how to pretend to be someone else on an internet site" lessons. methinks.
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