Forces Housing in the news again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by hackle, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. BBC defence correspondent Paul Wood had an item on this evening's 10 O' Clock News about an attack launched by the Conservatives on the state of forces housing. Defence Minister Derek Twigg rejected the criticisms.

    No doubt a related web page or newspaper report will appear soon. In the meantime, this seems to be pretty much the same story from the website

  2. And this surprises you why?
  3. Hardly, heidtheba. BAFF has been drawing attention to the state of some forces accommodation (both SLA and SFA) since we launched last Dec.
  4. I am now in my 6th qtr since 98, (I know others that have had more) and this qtr is ultimatley my worst.

    But they don't care do they?

    It's all contract now.

    Sh1te. All of it.
  5. Strewth.

    No 'turbulence', then. :roll:
  6. mrs firesquaddie and me have just seperated and when the house was signed to her they changed overnight and fixxed all that was wrong and responded to all call outs within the day??????
    whats going on there???
  7. This is my 7th since 98 and 11th in all and as H_T_B says this is the worst by far and the March in was appalling. Modern housing solutions should be appalled, I sent a complaint direct to the Commandant Housing when I took over this place in Colchester but havent heard any replies. Distgusting Customer service, thank god im out in a few years. :x
  8. I can take almost anything, but with a cold fridge, bed, etc, I'm okay but when my misses is a pads brad, based on 30 years experience, things are going badly wrong.
  9. Paul Wood's report (video) - LINK
  10. As I understand it they will be spending £1billion per year for the next 5 years improving present accommodation. We have about 190000 service personnel and that is about £5263 per person per year or £26315 over the five years. I rather suspect that many present service personnel will see little in the way of an overall improvement across the piste during their service career with this amount of money available. It would be interesting to know just what and in what time scale significant improvements will take place. This sorry state of affairs has been caused by 3 decades of neglect and of a political attitude which knows they can get away with it because they are only service personnel.

    If the importance of BAFF to all service personnel is not apparent by now then it should be. Without independent representation politicians will take as much as they can and give as little in return as they can get away with.
  11. And as a corollary to this lack of representation one only needs to look at the the whispers of protest from service personnel regarding the closure of service hospitals which directly affected service personnel and their families. Compare this with the very vocal local protests regarding the closure of civil local hospitals which often changed the views and delayed or stopped the closure of these local facilities. Without independent representation service personnel are easy meat and doesn't it show?
  12. So does anyone know just what this £5 billion will produce in the way of better accommodation and quartering? Presumably the £5 billion was allocated after a detailed plan was agreed?
  13. Ive hear rumours through Modern housing solutions that.
    Every MQ will be given a garden gnome as part of the inventory and those squaddies in flats will be given a window box.

    Anything that improves my MQ will be great. :wink:
  14. My figures are wrong it would seem having listened to the BBC report again that the £5 billion will be spent over 10 years. This is of course is even worse than first thought. The spend will now be about £2631 per service person over each of the TEN years which really is a miniscule amount in the context of the overall problem. This will barely be enough to maintain present accommodation never mind provide new and updated quartering. Is there anyone out there who is able to give an update of just how these funds will provide better accommodation across the piste and not just the odd new showpiece to crow about?
  15. No, of course not don't be silly. The 5 Billion cannot be divided they way you think. It includes all management fees & bonuses, commissions, professional fees and general admin, the total of which will probably be at around 36% of the 5 Billion. The deal will also be factored to extract maximum value for the shareholders; i.e. not geared towards practical results as you would understand. But on lots of quantifiable repeat engineering/ maintenance call outs etc. A veritable blizzard of unproductive activity until the well is dry and a cash call must be made to the Govt. because of ‘unforeseen cost overruns’.

    See Metronet’s contract for London Tube maintenance or for a more blatant example of this type of financing; the Halliburton or KBR cost effective performance of delivering ‘services’ to the US Army in Iraq.

    Companies sell loads of these types of things to the economic illiterates of New Labour. It should have been set up as a non profit enterprise for the good of the forces and the Country in general but….