Forces Housing Complaints increasing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by in_the_cheapseats, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

  2. "We are committed to providing the highest standard of accommodation for our armed forces and their families.' They have been saying this or something similar for the last 40 years but it just gets worse. What about some verifiable targets for all to see?
  3. well when we moved back to Germany they gave us a 3rd floor flat I asked to go to a ground floor as the stairs would be a problem for me and we had a dog , they said theres nothing else? so 9 days after moving our 10 year old dog jumped from the balcony and died , we were gutted , then we were told 6 months later we would be moved out because they were up grading the flats? and they would give me a ground floor! we got the address and were pleased, then today I was told we arent getting it because someone is coming from out the area and they needed a place to live! even though i am packed and ready to go and sleeping on a matress on the floor?everything being packed as hubby is in afghan he did everything before he left , who gives these people to play with our lives? im gutted ive got a pre-march out but nowhere to march too?????? I think the powers that be need to get a grip on whats going on with the wives , we move where they send our husbands all we ask for is some consideration , im sitting here with only a tv and my sofas , all my belongings are in boxes now i dont know how long i will have to live like this, and they wonder why some wives get depressed? im normaly upbeat but im sitting here crying like a baby cause im so sick of other people playing God with MY life, and they wonder why wives just up and leave???? those in charge of housing should hang their heads in shame , i dont know how they f..king sleep at night
  4. I can only think of one. That ignorant, self serving arsewipe of an SSO in Bielefeld.
  5. What a difference removing the 3rd and 4th words from this statement would make!
  6. the thread's 3 years old...anything changed?
  7. I'm sorry to hear this. Some organisations look after their families better than others. If you're in Germany i suggest you go to the forthcoming round of CGS briefing team families' briefs and tell it straight to the horses mouth.
  8. Seconded, do not be afraid to name some names, stand up for yourself. If the morons in the housing office are working to their own agenda, which unfortunately they often do, go past them and bubble them. While your husbands away, the Home(insert rat/rhino/etc name) Team should be working flat out to look after you
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I was talking to a guy last year who was doing an inspection of a pfi project for forces housing.

    the result was houses worth half as much as they should be yet costing 4 times what they could because everything was so subcontracted that the quality was utter crap.

    they should let the army build their own homes, after all we teach them to do everything and it would a good apprentice scheme to get the country back on track. the US has its corps of engineers for civil works and I reckon we should have something similar

  10. Probably not, MQ's were mostly sh*t when I was a kid in the mid 60's, I doubt anythings changed much in the intervening 45 years.
  11. Your quite right the MQ's (depending on area) state's have hardly changed, however I'm located in a Tri-service patch which isn't to bad,

    Shame, as I've just had my pre march out when they've just started a delayed 2 year decanting programme, typical..
  12. Are these housing standard problems just in BFG? Chivenor MQs don't look too bad, mates houses we've been in recently. Granted whilst we were in Minden, 1990 , MQ's patch on Baerenkaempen was almost falling to bits. We did most of the repairs ourselves as there "was no money". Bit of a contrast to Berlin which was a feckin decent MQ. Worst MQ ever has to be Lisanelly , Omagh. Dreadful and with Parkray burners, coal and dust everywhere plus the added delight of paying for the fecker.
  13. Yes.

    DHE are even more firmly entrenched, with an attitude of "take it or leave it" as it’s no skin of any of our miserable stinking civilian noses.
    Funny how we are talking about slashing allowances yet you’ve got people being put in Andover/Bullford who work at Middle Wallop. People who live at Middle Wallop who work in Andover. People living in Amsebury who work in Tidworth etc, etc.

    All being paid Residence to place of Duty because it’s all to f*cking difficult for some incompetent Tw*t to try and locate people in their place of work.

    That and the fact that a certain HQ has just planted itself on the A303 and all the good houses are in Middle Wallop ^_~
  14. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    my brothers pad in abingdon was okay considering it was 1940's raf officers housing. nice and roomy if a little rough an ready in places.

    he's in biefeld now and has spent 6 months trying to find the secret family in the cellar
  15. IIRC Lisanelly MQ's resembled the village at lyde it was that bad..