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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Forces-Helpline, Oct 4, 2004.

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  1. Deleted.

    In future ,if any charitable entity wishes to promote it's cause on this forum ,especially one dealing in so sensitive an area, contact us first.

    To the original poster.

    Have you registered this entity with the Charities Commission? Only on inspecting your site ,I could not find a CC number?

  2. Why has this been taken of they do good work. the more welfare out there the better don't you think.

    Remember the Bullies rely on them doing nothing "so do something tell someone today".
  3. Having had a quick look at the site concerned, I think PtP's comments were fair enough and in fact helpful to these people, assuming (as I do) that they are well intentioned.

    If people have concerns with the existing helplines offered by SSAFA Forces Help or the Samaritans, etc, (or with perceptions of those helplines maybe putting service or ex-service people off from seeking help) it might be more useful for us here on Arrse to discuss those problems and how they can be put right. - worth a look, they even have a PIN for Paradigm!
  4. Had a look and this was on the front page:

    IMO it sounds like a newspaper trawling for stories.
  5. In my quick look I missed that bit!! Grossly irresponsible at minimum.
  6. come and tell us what the nasty man did ...... god , what the f*ck is this country coming to , your right , looks like journos to f*cking idle to get of their arrse and find a story.
  7. Love their fake coat of arms (illegal btw) and motto: "Evil be to he who evil thinks" - brilliant.

    Oh well, I dont suppose we will get an explanation from them, having only joined arrse to publicise their site - hundreds of links to them on the web.
  8. How about helping them instead of criticising them, all you had to do was email them and look what happens I mentioned this (We are looking for Stories that you have seen in the barrack room). They apologised and thanked me for the info on it and took it of. amazing what you can do if your polite enough. And I was in the Army for 36 years
  9. The site appears to be well-intentioned. They seem to have irritated SSAFA, so at least they are getting something right! :lol:
  10. Good effort startrooper, you have done everybody a favour in getting that removed. As to not emailing them, the fact that they didnt reply to PtP's message in this thread was not encouraging, but you succeeded.
  11. Hi Hackle, are you still in the forces.
  12. Dear PTP.
    I am sorry if I coursed any offence to your site. We are not trying to gain point just to let people know we are here just as the welfare are there too. SAFFA‘s quote to us was, (We believe that the more options that are open to people, the better) until the MOD told them not to have contact with us. Please except our apologies.

    Forces Helpline
  13. Addendum.

    Forces Helpline was featured as a Sky News? item soon after. There were interviews held with individuals who claimed to suffer from bullying.

    I am not suggesting that the original post was anything as cynical as a trawl for material for this piece.

    However , please be careful of submitting details of any ill treatment you may have received , to third parties outside the normal chain of reporting.