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Forces Help to Buy question



Just after some guidance or some advice from someone who may have been in my situation.

Me and my missis bought our first house using the help to buy scheme back in 2019. Both of our names where attached to the application, as required when I did all the forms on JPA. Since then I got medically discharged from the Army and the HTB guys waived the money I borrowed and I luckily didn't have to pay it back. Baring in mind I bought a house with my missus in a city almost 200 miles from my home town and I dont really have anyone here. Long story short, I think we might be breaking up and i was wondering if she is entitled to half of the HTB deposit we will get back if we sell the house since her name was on the document?

I'm on quite a crap wage at the minute but I have a really promising apprenticeship with the local electric board so moving back to my home town really isn't an option, is thete anything I can do to ensure she doesn't receive half of the HTB money upon sale of our house? Would really help me getting another property and save me being on the streets.

Just a few things to add;

She won't let me buy her out of the property
We aren't married
We don't have any children

Thanks guys, really hope someone had an input on this thread.


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