Forces Gladiators

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Office_Linebacker, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else watching it?
  2. I am now cheers
  3. Female RAF Physical Trainer looks scary!
  4. At work, was looking forward to watching this aswell.
  5. Am now, surspised it wasn't better advertised
  6. Yep.

    Too bad the Army PTI's arms weren't long enough to reach the rings!
  7. Good for the officer for representing the army but couldn't we have found someone bigger?
  8. Jesus!!! She'd have held up Englands pack by herself if they picked her yesterday.
  9. advertising on sky has been pretty good, I saw it last week. The army lad did well in the gauntlet. The female captain doesnt stand a chance at duel.
  10. Also they have all nominated charities if they win.... Army both have chosen forces related, RAF woman has chosen RSPCA. OK it's all for charity but still made me smile. Didn't see what the Navy Charity choice was.
  11. Navy Charity? :?
  12. And the Army gym queen takes the lead, Well done mate.
  13. Missed what charity Navy was but was something to do with one of theirs dying during a sporting event and buying defibs etc.
  14. And the Army take it (as if there was any doubt)
  15. Army- Be The Best!!!!!!!!!!