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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RHODESIAN, Feb 8, 2006.

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  1. I must admit to being a "reader" of the Scum,but have had enough of it and have tried most other papers and can get on with them ok,so I am wondering are their any papers that actually support our troops? I knew choosing a newspaper is down to an individuals choice but I cannot seem to find one that does support them has anybody any suggestions as to a good paper please
  2. This isn't a "wah". Honestly. Give the Guardian a go. Yes, its left of centre but the quality of the reporting is pretty good and I don't immediately recall anyhting less than positive articles about us in the recent past (We are, afterall, merely the unwitting servants of the far right Blair government and should be praised for our steadfastness, even when thrown into an illegal and immoral the Guardian might well say....)
  3. Telegraph, generally speaking is onside. John Keegan writes for them too.
    Times? Sister rag to SCUM.
    Mail? Just gainsays what the Express moans on about. "Gloom for Mortgage Holders" is most common headline. For girls.
    Express? See above ref Mail. For girls too.
    Indie? Never read it, no comment.
    Gruaniad? Would never read it, although it ain't as lefty beardy LSE - ish as they say, apparently.
    Mirror? Don't even want to go there, the cnuts....

    Truth? Humour? Investigative reporting? Private Eye Magazine. Not a paper really, only 2 per month but it does report on the hypocrisy of "real" ones and exposes the sheer stupidity of Govt policies, PPP, PFI, consultancies etc etc.

    Guess which two I read.....
  4. i read for little while generally as the name suggests aims to give a balance none party backing view however in the last 6 months has become a more and more for arty farty london media types so switched to either telegraph or the mail for the historical articals on a saturday and littlejohn and max hastings during the week
  5. The Torygraph is generally positive about the forces and is very readable, as long as you bear in mind anything to do with the Conservatives is given prominence far in excess of it's actual importance. As long as you know a paper's bias, you can noramlly figure out what's actually going on and what's just spin. Blogs like the Daily Ablution keep an eye on the broadsheets (especially the Grauniad and Indy) and exposes anything misleading or just plain wrong in them he can find, which is a lot.
  6. Thanks I shall try them,they have all got to be better than the Scum
  7. Just read the Daily Ablution blog for the first time. Think the answer is that whatever paper one reads, one should log on to said blog as well. Fascinating!
  8. I recommend both papers from their websites, so you don't have to buy the paper itself, The telegraph is 99% pro Forces, and you get all the detail of the full paper on the internet.

    The Mail runs a news as it happens website, with some articles being commented on by the public. It gives a pleasant counterweight to the BBC news websites.

  9. Don't buy it often but the Gaurdian is not bad, just avoid any article by or about feminism.....fcuk me nearly burned the paper (on a train) last time I read one!

    Don't overlook the Sat FT, excelent balanced (No agenda reporting) of world and current affairs...p.s. Miss Moneypenny is queit good as well...
  10. Yes Telegraph is looking good and thanks fooboy viz as well
  11. I look on the web at both the Torygraph and the Guardian and make my opinion in the space somewhere in between. Must admit that some of the Guardian's foreign affairs stuff can at times be quite thought provoking.
  12. Everything but the Telegraph, the FT and Private Eye is sh1t.
  13. i too like the telegraph, but watch channel 4 news and use BBC news website as my primary way of keeping up to date.

    however i can't mop up my coffee with the tv or monitor.
  14. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    The Tory graph is very pro squaddie, but for something to counter the right wing biases read the Guardian/independent and balance the Ying with the Yang.

    On a Sunday try the Observer it can make the Tory graph look like the socialist worker at times. Top for your EFP(or equivalent).

    Stick with the Sum 4 million Proles cannot be wrong.

    :roll: :roll: :lol: :?