Forces Fit - excellent UK-wide army fitness training class


I'm not sure what the ARRSE policy on discussing commercial groups is, but I don't work for this company - I'm just really impressed with the service they offer and thought it might be useful information for someone else.

I'm going for Officer selection and although my running is decent, my agility leaves much to be desired. On the way back from getting a cat. 2 from briefing for agility, I decided a good Army / military fitness class would be the only sensible solution.

I told my mum when I got in - and literally that night she saw an advert in the local paper for 'Forces Fit'. It's run by ex Army PTIs (the founder is ex 1-Para) and they do a really damn good job of making me feel like I am in hell.

If anyone else is going for any kind of selection I would highly recommend it.

It's split into different ability groups and is based around intensive circuits, similiar to British Military Fitness - but slightly cheaper and (for me) in more convenient locations.

They have a lot of classes around Eastern England, but also Salisbury, Basingtoke and Andover.

I hope this information is useful for someone else - they are just what I was after!

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