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I recently got back from herrick to the wondful delight finding my room not where i left it! my whole room was boxed up but i was allocated new accomodation so just had to unpack all my stuff. My tv was damaged by whoever boxed it up(i assume) so i rang my kit insurance (forces financial) to claim for it. However as my room address at base isn't my postal address (all post goes home and family forward it on) they're trying to fob me off saying the address isn't the risk address. Its obvious that the postal address isn't the risk address as its non military. However I was always under the impression that because Its worldwide cover, it covers you no matter where your kit is aslong as you've taken measures to secure it.

I had my car broken into and a load of dvd's nicked last year and they covered that, and obviously that wasn't at the "risk address".

anyone had any problems like this? What you think my chances are of arguing at them sucessfully??

Any help appreciated!
The Financial Ombudsman Service will only look at cases once the insurer's own internal complaint procedure has been exhausted - so if you feel that your claim has not been properly dealt with, you should check the paperwork, which will contain the details of how to complain.

As well as asking the insurer to look at the claim again, and/or clarify their reasons for declining your claim, you may also want to look at who was responsible for packing your kit up. If your insurance doesn't pay, you may well have a case against whoever failed to take sufficient care when packing your kit - which was presumably done without your consent.

Edited twice because Forces Financial were so quick to respond!
Under normal circumstances, based on the information you have provided there is no reason why this type of risk would not be covered. Send me a pm with your name, tel no and policy number so I can investigate what has happened here and get back to you.

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