Forces Financial- damage from pets


A few days ago my 2 dogs decided to eat my sofa and knock over my laptop damaging both beyond repair. FF stated that they would only pay for the replacement laptop as it was a highlighted item on my policy. I was told they DO NOT pay out for damage from pets.

After going through my policy (Kit and Contents) I found that one of the highlighted benefits was DAMAGE ARISING FROM DOMESTIC ANIMALS. They then pointed out that on page 8 of the policy terms and conditions it states LIVING CREATURES are not covered.

I was told that they never pay out for pet damage. After scutinising my policy and there bad use of English, I managed to get the senior manager to liaise with Royal Sun Alliance. The outcome is that they have agreed to honour my claim.

They have also informed me that they will be re-wrtiting their terms and conditions booklets, so as to be understood a little clearer. FF even agreed that they have been mis-interpreting their own terms.

So for those who have this type of policy and have been refused a claim you may want to re-try and check whether you were actually covered.

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