Forces Facing Cut By A Fifth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tastytoggle, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Yeah, they're going to scrap the RAF and give everyone else a 20% pay rise.
  2. Another era of iffy ammo from Pakistan, shiny bog roll and half an egg per man, per day. Jesus Christ, what a way to run a country! :x
  3. Andy_S

    Andy_S LE Book Reviewer

    Steady in the ranks. It's a crystal ball gazing report from RUSI, not an MOD policy paper.
  4. Tony's Wars.
    Remember only the other year the Gov was talking of 20-30 years in Ganistan.
    Labour wanted all their wars but never wanted to pay for what is the most expensive exercise a Nation can get involved in.
    Mind you they will never cancel their Euro Force items, what became of all those Italian made 'Jeeps' ? let alone Gorden's vote winning Big Ships.
    We need action, Now not in a year or so's time.
    Gorden's scorched earth policy will be the ruin of UK, which he wanted all along.
  5. I bet the politicos will still want to grandstand as "Great Statemen", How The F*** they will manage it I do not know, unless they can co-opt the "EU Army".
    WTF Over.
  6. As a four year member of RUSI, this news report is a bag of smelly poo. i will await the real RUSI report and read it in full before i fall upon my sword.

    have to say thou, if true and if this is what the Lab government want; then they really are a bunch of CNUTS.

    Lie to get us in to wars, dont give us the kit to fight hard then want to cut the numbers of troops!

  7. Am a member to RUSI too and could not agree more!
  8. Hang on, what's that got to do with anything? We managed to get involved in Iraq and Afghanistan without direct UN mandate, the mandates only followed afterwards to clear up the mess!

    Still seems a damned silly thought from supposedly sensible people though. Given that we are more stretched than we've ever been it doesn't make any sense to cut back on the budget without reviewing the mission.
  9. If anybody wants to read the source document rather than the journo version, I think this is it

    Web Page Name

  10. What the F you talking about? What benefit is there from giving up UN status?
    It is as bad as giving all power to Europe. Are you Gordon Brown?
  11. If the Armed Forces get reduced any further, we will reach that stage where as the old joke goes, "when I joined we didn`t have service numbers, we all knew each other".
  12. Or as it says in the ARRSEpedia, "1 Para...not a battalion, but the number of Paras left in the British Army!" 8O
  13. Very true, HMF must now be a minority group. In days gone by most familes had a member of the family who had served or was serving.