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Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Good CO, Jan 8, 2009.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    The official forces discounts directory have asked me to post a couple of points in here as summarized in the title.

    Firstly their discounts are available to veterans. A lot of people don't know this (I was one).

    Secondly they do offer free advertising for very good discounts - those companies that "go the extra mile" to offer good deals to servicemen. Contact details for this are here:
  2. Gents and of course Ladies,
    This will be of interest to all you bikers. I have recently taken up a post with SCOTTOILER, who manufacture chain lubrication systems for motorbikes and bicycles. I'm sure many of you will have heard of it.

    The good news is I have been able to persuade our marketing manager to offer a 15% discount on the kits through the Defence Discount Card. If you have the card you can find us on the site. Simply quote your card number and the discount code quoted when you order online.

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  3. Who's up for a free lunch or breakfast on Saturday?
    Your local Goose pub is doing something for Armed Forces Day. You can download your voucher at:

    Wear your veteran's badge or show your ID card.
  4. Not sure if this warrants it's own post but I've created an exclusive code for that gives 20% off anything, currently only 10% codes are available.

    Not going to be an every day item but great for special gifts and milestone occasions, popular items include the
    Date of Birth Newspapers and Newspaper Books. Hope this is of use to someone!

    Code is: ARRSE20
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  5. How come, when I click on the link, I get "Not found"?