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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by therealbigdizzle, Jul 23, 2010.

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  1. Why was I chosen? I'm not even a 'forces type'!
  2. like so many others here.
  3. Because you're a gobshite ****, who waffles shite incessantly like he's an authority on all things military, when in actual fact you're a 2 minute stab no-mark who fucked off back to the cadets, so you could tell people what to do, whilst wearing a military uniform?
  4. Don't sit on the fence there spaz - what's he done to upset you?
  5. For one ******* thing, ignore the Virgin flights discount bollocks, having gone through the process of attempting to buy V.Atlantic flights to New York, it was more expensive to book using 'MOD discount' then it was to purchase through one of those cheap flight-type websites and by a long way too, I mentioned the anomoly to the booking line woman her response was 'oh sorry I dont know what to tell you'.

    Suffice to say I am not one of those people that believes just because we are in the forces we deserve every discount and red carpet hero worshipping treatment available however, if a British company enjoys the publicity and good image attached to 'supporting the troops' then there should be a benefit to those they are taking credit from. So beardy Branson regardless of your offer to fly us back from telic, you be a bumder...
  6. Although I'm out now when I was 'in' I more often than not found that the 'discounts' offered to me as a squaddie were usually far less than those offered to my friends/relatives in working commerce.

    It's usually a rip-off to induce more business yet making you feel like you're getting a bargain. You'd get a far bigger discount if you were a highly paid executive of some bank or other.

    My brother in law is an executive for a Scandinavian travel company and the discounts he passes on to your average Dane are usually better than the ones we're offered.
  7. his mother, mainly.
  8. The deal with Virgin is that you get a discount for being Armed Forces on full price flights.

    It turns out there are discounts for booking early, discounts for booking last minute, discounts for buying a return at the same time as outbound (as holidays generally do), the list goes on.

    Thus, like you say, it's more beneficial to get a normal person discount than it is to get a military one.

    At the other end, however, it's a whole different story. I stayed one night in their services club (£12 a night, but 4-bed rooms) but spent the night next to a smelly pisshead snorer, so rang a hotel advertised in the lobby, explaining the situation - who said as military I was entitled to be upgraded to a premier room for the price of a standard... then gave me 50% off as well for being British military... which apparently they love there. Additionally, for the rest of the 2 week stay he went out of his way to make my life really easy. Was great. They seem to give more discounts to British Army than English companies do.
  9. Just tried to book airport parking and found the " forces discount" was £8 more than booking with BAA direct.

    Time to first parade the outrage bus
  10. Wot I said :)
  11. No company should be in the book unless they're offering 50% That's my view on the matter, anyway!
  12. The BBC interested in non-existant forces-discounts. WTF?

    The researcher Tom Marchbanks, mentioned in the original post, should be directed to the TV Licence thread on this forum.

    Bunch of idiots.
  13. Care to explain how you got that - given as you are not 'British Military'? Or we so hard up, that cadet instructors are now deploying?
  14. the worst fookers are the places where you normaly get discount and the fookin 12 yea old till attendants tell you "sorry no army discount"

    if fookin cops get 10% bk discount im bloody sure us blokes deserve our double bacon cheesburger that little bit cheeper
  15. MOTO BKs and Costa coffee give 10 or 20% discounts (which is quite a bit as service stations are overpriced)