(Forces) Discounts and such... put them here

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tom_Thumb, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. I know a soldier can get 10% discount on some service station Burger Kings. But what other advantages come with a MOD 90?

  2. You can undo old style Yale locks by sliding it through the gap...probably.

    You might want to get a copy of HM Forces Discount Catalogue, it'll tell you that you can get 10% off at Milletts etc.
  3. also goes for the newsagents at said service stations, shame it does not extend to the fuel as well :? :? :? :?
  4. 10% discount at Blacks as well
  5. .....and possibly a discount or free BFPO delivery depending on the product at Richer Sounds.
  6. Problem is that brochure doesn't mention all.
  7. For those out of uniform , have a look at the british veterans website, very good for discounts
  8. 2005 Forces Discount Brochure:


    Don't forget indulgence flights- I hear they're doing great deals on fly-drives to Basrah at the moment. ;) (Snag is that you have to demostrate that you can pay for you and yours to get back to Blighty if the Vickers Funbus gets re-tasked or goes U/S. But don't worry chaps, you know ASCOT- that never happens. :? )

    If you're Spam-side it can work wonders. Especially the Theme Parks, Vegas, hotels, car rental etc. (Just tell them you're working in the US, don't say you're just a tourist.) I'm sure the cousins could fill you in on shopping etc.
  9. Burtons do a 10% for services NHS and student
  10. He asked about MOD90 discount, not mincer discount :D
  11. Burton do a 10% discount for forces as well.
  12. Accompanying the missus shopping at the weekend, i was pleasantly surprised to be given 10% forces discount in a good clothes shop in Aldershot. It got me thinking, why do the unemployed and students get discounts and bonuses from cinemas to fast food joints all over the country and not nearly enough businesses and shops offer them to the forces??? I realise that the unemployed and students don't have tons of cash in general, but in the current climate, it would be a nice gesture to servicemen and women, better than a yellow ribbon round a tree anyway. :roll:
  13. My missus and i find it pays to ask wherever you shop as most places do. Now if i could just persuade Sainsburys :D :D
  14. To my eternal shame, I ended up being dragged by Mrs Sticky to a shopping centre near Swindon. There I discovered that a book of money off vouchers awaits all those who can produce a MOD90 at the information desk.

    My first purchase was a balaclava to hide the embarrassment of being caught in Swindon in daylight and out of a car. :oops: