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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by marcja, Aug 30, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm sure this has been covered before but if so I'm buggered if I can find it. If not I thought it would be a good :idea: to get a whole list of places that offer forces discount in one single post. I know of forces discount website etc. But there's also your normal shop i.e. Topman, Blacks camping & outdoor, Domino's Pizza etc etc that offers discount aswell that isnt listed on any of these sites.

    ANyone to start us off??
  2. Do they not produce the annual forces discounts book anymore then?
  3. If you are referring to the Defence Directory, yes they do but there are other companies not even listed in there, hence my starting this post. Thought it a good idea to list any stragglers not in the directory.

  4. OOOH. Anyone know what the domino's pizza one is? We order them to our barracks every now and again - never had any bloody discount.
  5. burton (male clothes shop) does a discount.... i used it yesterday.
  6. I've been in pizza hut knowing full well they do forces discount, which i pointed out to the staff when i showed them my mod90.

    "no we only do student discount"

    can i see the manager?

    "I'm afraid we only do student discount"

    Maybe they knew i was a STAB
  7. Dominos is 50% (Yes 50%) but only if you collect!!
  8. MOTO sevice stations. Can't remember how much you get, more than 10% I think possibly up to 30%. Only in the service areas though not the fuel (Arrse!!). If the spotty oik at BK doesn't recognise the MOD 90 the manager always sorts you out.

    The only climbing/walking equipment shop that doesn't do discounts, in my experience, is Nevis Sport (tight scottish........)
  9. Hmm, a pound extra for delivery, or nip round, wip out my card (oo-eerr) and get 50% off.

    Would be a lot more tempting if I hadnt made my home in Belfast these past 2 and a bit decades.

    That and im fcuking lazy.
  10. Is the Dominos discount down to the local shop or a chain wide policy?
    I tried to get a discount at my local Dominos Pizza after reading on ARRSE about it and was told they don’t do forces discounts.

  11. I have used the Domino's 50% off offer in Nottingham and Bristol, so it should be nationwide.
  12. 20% off at Nando's.

    There was a sign at the till which read Emergency Services, NHS Workers and Military recieve 20% off on production of valid ID.
  13. Ive used Domino Bristol (it was a very pleasant one HVM :D ), London and Edin so Im guessin its Nationwide. Maybe a re-education of the oik is called for!!