Forces Discount Cards - do you carry one and which one(s) do you prefer?


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You don’t have to buy gift cards as a gift, you can buy it and use it
The discount on the card becomes some free money
I use the DDS for the reloadable discounted Tesco giftcard...then use it for fuel...saves me a fortune.[/QUOTE]

FYI. Just found out today that Tesco no longer accepts the reloadable card for fuel.
They could also stop employing buffoons.

Birchanger Services. Junction 8. M11 last week.

Me. 'Afternoon, can I just have a piece of fish please? No chips.'

HR. 'Fish only comes with chips.'

Me. 'Well how about cooking the fish, but not the chips?'

HR. 'Fish only comes with chips.'

Me. 'Aye, I hear you, is it a maths thing? I see your large fish and chips cost £8.99 and your large chips cost £1.99, How about just cooking the fish, no chips for £7?'

HR. 'Fish only comes with chips.'

Me. 'So if I order a large portion of fish and chips at £8.99 and immediately put the chips in that bin over there, you'd be happy? Is that your policy? It's just a waste of food.'

HR. Fish only comes with chips.'

Me. 'Can I have a word with the manager?'

HR. 'I am the manager.'

Which pretty much told me all I need to know about Harry Ramsden's.
they were obviously taught by my SQMS who ran the sticky bar in Iraq as follows:

Me: hey staff, can I get a coke please.
SMQS: certainly, that's $1.
Me: thats a bit a steep, only $0.50 at the REME Bn.
SQMS: ah yes, but you get a free Mars Bar here.
Me: I don't want a free Mars Bar.
SQMS: still a dollar sir!


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For the Defence Discout Card, I always check the offers before hitting Inverness,our nearest town that has worthwhile shops, but most of the offers are usually gift cards which s only any use if you are a spunktrumpet, but you sometimes find a gem, Harry Ramsdens is 30% off your meal which is pretty good if you like fish, which I do
After reading these posts I have a hankering for fish and chips unfortunately I live in Inverness and Harry Ramsdens shut down in 2016

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After recommending Harvester and their discounts, I thought I'd update.
About a year ago they restricted the discount to lunches and evenings only ie not breakfast, now they don't honour the card at all. Nor the Blue Light card.

Its a pity because it was convenient. I shall now drive a little further to a carvery where they do a good service on breakfasts and lunches at a good price. :hungry:

First they came for the breakfasts, and I did not speak out.

Then they came for the lunches, and I did not speak out.....................

I got one a while back but to be honest I get much better discounts with my AA Breakdown card, double the amount in most instances, so I've never bothered to use the forces one.

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