Forces denied proper treatment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bowser-Mong, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. Have just watched a report on ITV News (sorry no link) and they claim that servicemen and women returning from operational duty are being flown into the UK in the dead of night and placed in mixed civvy wards. They interviewed a soldier (I hate the term squaddie-its derogatory) who was given crappy care. Haslar is still open but inactive because of pennypinching bureaucrats. I have seen the treatment in civvy hospitals first hand when I had an operation 9 years ago at Frimley Park. It was pants compared to the care I received in Germany at Rinteln and RAF Wegberg (those RAF girlienurses).
    For over 25 years the MOD has ripped up the military healthcare system. Its absolutely shocking and is a real disgrace. :x :evil: :evil: :evil:
    Comments please
  2. Thankyou
  3. I saw the news article on ITN whilst having my tea, I was so Fecking angry I nearly spat my food out!!!!!!!! WTF is going on here, how dare BLIAR and his corrupt gov treat our service personnell like this. Whats next demonstrations at airports spitting on returning soldiers and calling them baby killers, ala 1960/70's America.
    And the feckin journo interviewing the 'soldier' got right up my nose as well, were do these journo's think they can go round saying squaddy this and squaddies that, feckin ignorant cow. :evil: :evil: :x
  4. Get if off your chest, yamkwak, get it off your chest.
  5. You may find that the TELIC flights are arriving at that time of night due to the flying time from Basrah/Al Udeid and the limitations on planes getting out of BAS. Don't think everything is a political cover-up.
  6. Bo**cks. There goes another potential conspiracy theory
  7. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Well said......I was treated in QMH Woolwich when that was open. Treated like a star, matrons where firm but good, then they closed it, not a "return on expenditure, blah, blah".......The forces need their own hospital, end of.
  8. I hate to keep saying this, but Haslar is owned and run by Portsmouth NHS trust. It is no longer a military hospital and hasn't been for some time.

    The only true reason it was picked to be the last military hospital, was that it could be so easily justified to close as its so isolated.

    I would also like to remind people that our European counterparts like the French have some 15 hospitals and the Germans have 8, 2 of them big teaching hospitals and we, who deploy everwhere have none..........makes you think eh!
  9. Words absolutely fail me!!!!!!!!!!! I received treatment at QMH woolwhich way way back and it was second to none and my wife had our son at BMH Rinteln and the service was superb. This situation now is nothing short of scandalous!!!!!!!!! Soldiers/service personnell need their own Medical facilities/hospitals and no excuses. We have already seen a wounded para being abused on a ward by a muslim male. I shudder to think ,when will I read in the news of how one of our wounded has been attacked or worse on one of the public wards by some fanatical muslim/anti-war nut!! Seems to sum up how this Gov treats people who serve their country and when they need help due to injuries, physical or phsycological they get 'dumped' on to the NHS who can barely cope with treating the general Civil population. God Help them thats all I can say at the mo, I'm still friggin livid!!!!!!!! :x
  10. Dui Lai is absolutely correct that RH Haslar is no longer a military hospital, a point I have also made several times. However, the real estate appears to be still in MOD's hands, and the NHS is only using a small proportion of it. I recall the brand new burns unit there that was never used.

    I was interested to see the Wg Cdr talking about how fantastic Selly Oak is, but let's not forget that there are many NHS hospitals that offer the same specialist facilities. Indeed, Selly Oak was chosen as the site for RCDM after various hospitals bid. Whether location, proximity to military facilities/airheads, clinical factors or cost was the principal criterion I do not know - but I for one don't think Selly Oak was the best choice.

    Remember also that RCDM actually encompasses a number of hospital sites around Birmingham; it will be interesting to see how, with one service policeman and two civ policeman on the Selly Oak site, security can be guaranteed and the how the dispersed sites will affect the military managed ward MOD says it's 'working towards' (i.e. looking at in slow time, in the hope it's forgotten).

    Another point raised by the ITN report is that of hospital infections; I wonder how many soldiers have contracted MRSA and other bugs as a result of being treated in NHS wards? I'd be tempted to ask under FOI, if I didn't know that MOD would field the usual 'the data isn't collected' or 'disproportionate expense' excuses.
  11. My missus joined the WRNS as a scab-lifter 50 years ago and being a service family and being treated at Haslar both as Service and Civilians, I once asked them why they treated civilians as well as Service bods and the answer given was that it kept the Doctors and staff in practice in across the board medical procedures [eg., even squaddies need their appendix? [sp] out occasionally] and that in the event of major service casualties the civvies would be hoofed out to the civpop system. Seemed like a good system to me.
  12. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    Being from the Indian Army, I am not conversant with the British Army and its organisation.

    From this thread, it appears that the British Army resorts to both military and civil facilities for treating all ranks, if I understood the acronyms right.

    We were toying with this idea to cut the flab in our services.

    Could I know how this system of banking on the civil infratructure affects all rank in the diagnosis, treatment etc.

    Is it successful? If not why not?

    And can it be made successful? If so, how?
  13. These types of thread on Mil Med are multiplying like rabbits. Important stuff tis true. But can't the Mods consolidate them?
  14. What do you expect from this lot, a pay rise. We have the absolute disgrace where our boys are in mortal danger for less money than a sodding traffic warden. I keep banging on about this, but here in Brecon we have police constables with seven years service on £30,000 odd a year plus overtime and a two third final salary pension. The biggest danger they face is a heart attack from being over weight, and repetitive strain injury from filling in speeding tickets.

    Then we get reports of, for better word traitors, giving our wounded a hard time in the NHS. Luck I wasn’t there at the time of the gits would had a seeing to. I can well believe these stories as the UK has turned been turned on its head. We have people guilty of what can only be described as demonic crimes, given less sentences than those handed out for motoring offences. Public funds raided to pay breathtaking salaries for dolts to do jobs of little value, or ensuring little damion the local scrot has his fair share of benefits, the list is endless. Yet ask for decent wages or equipment for the services and its like drawing bloody teeth.