Forces Cover. Worth supporting?

This post and the website have raised doubts among some people. I thought I would post it here as if true it deserves some limelight (and we will give it advertising space with other charities), and if not then then someone on here is likely to be able to work it out.

The petition exists, but it is very definitely not a charity. The website is very vague about how much and where funds will go. A friend who runs a charity related business had this to say when I asked for an opinion:

"There is no transparency about how the funds are shared or used, or about the legal constitution of the organisation. And the claims about various generals and princes sounds a bit suspect. On the site it is made clear that the IP rights to the name, site etc are owned privately, which does not fit well with the declared charitable objectives..."

Posted by richie 042 - my bold:

"I am the founder of at present we have Major General Roddy Porter MBE as Patron of the website.

There is good potential of this charity if we get the support from veterans and the general public that support the forces and with your help we can achieve its aims.

Government Petition:

Our petition has been approved by the Number 10 web team, and
Is now available on the Number 10 website at the following

Could your members please sign and support and the petition

Our petition reads:

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to To allow a
Privately funded Veterans Hospital to be built on an active
Airforce property

Please find some information that was published in the Media:

Media Wales have run another article this week in the Western Mail Newspaper on the E-Petition

Some general information on the Charity


The Charitable Fund has been set up to assist and improve the quality of life of serving UK armed forces personnel, veterans and their families. Unlike any other charity, forcescover is a pioneering charity that raises funds without asking for donations – the money is generated from the commission received from the sale of insurance, utility and online home shopping products via the website.

The charity has a list of proposed projects and initiatives, including the following:

• Building the first Armed Forces Veterans Hospital in Wales

• The setting up of trust funds for ‘The Children of the Fallen Hero's’ we refer to, every child of a parent killed whilst serving or on active duty, thus will enable us to care for the children as they get older and offer the support that their parent would have provided.

• Family Support initiatives

• Rehabilitation projects – providing physical and mental support services for forces personnel recuperating from
Active duty

• Support and welfare for the families of those killed in action

By using the support of the public from both the e-petition and the Daily Express’ Hospital for Heroes Campaign along
With our unique method of raising funds, we believe that we all have a strong proposal to put before the Government
That will be difficult to refuse.
We have been in talks with a major UK hospital construction company and have estimated build costs of such a build
Project as £15Million.

The Government is insisting that a Military Hospital is not viable due to costs of training and equipment in the ever advancing
Field of medicine, coupled with the fact that at Selly Oak there are only 11 patients in a 15 bed special military ward. We are NOT asking for a Military Hospital – we are asking for a UK Armed Forces Veterans Hospital, to care for all of our armed forces, whether they be serving or ex-serving. There is a short-fall that needs addressing, the NHS cannot support or sustain healthcare for such large numbers of veterans that require long term care. We aim to resolve this by building and funding a dedicated Hospital that is ‘fit for purpose’, with or without Government assistance. Such a
Facility could be used to treat Trauma patients returning from conflict, if it were allowed to be built near to on an MOD Base and could also be used as a ‘back-feed’ for NHS use as and when the capacity allows.

We have been gaining support from the the following Councils: Bridgend, Swansea, Newport to name a few, also Madeleine Moon MP who is arranging a meeting to discuss and a meeting is arranged at the Welsh Assembly plus the Daily Express have also shown interest.

Princes William and Harry have asked to be kept informed on our progress and Major General Roddy Porter has gracefully offered his patronage to the charity.

Due to the possibility of the ammount of funds that can be generated we could be looking at supporting the Help for Hero's, Navy, Army and Airforce Benevolence, SAFFA and the Royal British Legion as there are 10.5 million Veterans in the UK

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They "could be looking at supporting...??" Doesn't ring true does it? When you read it a couple of times, it comes over as you say, quite vague in parts. It also comes over as being quite amateurish. What's the drive on buying car insurance from them and shopping on line?

Best reporting it to those in the know about these things and letting them sort it. In the meantime, I wouldn't advise anyone to buy from them or to make any contributions.
I have written to kevin about this by the way and I hope we get a good response. I would hate to do any harm to a genuine good cause, and will make sure that we support it fully if the doubts are cleared up.
Good Morning,


I am a former combat medic with the Royal Welsh, and also the treasurer of the Bridgend Branch of the Royal Welsh Association and wanted to find a way to raise funds for the forces, I looked after the lads whilst serving and I want to carry looking ater them now.

I came up with the idea of to raise funds without asking for cash or shake a can for coppers, the way forcescover would work if the site was used for on-line shopping or buying insurance on-line it would be the companies that would provide the funds from commissions.

I set this up by myself and asked for assistence from a friend of the family who was a policeman who would help with the legal site of things, he is also a bandsman in the TA, this turned out a wrong move on my part.

The percentage to the charity is 75% and 25% for admin costs and if admin costs are less than the 25% the remaining will go to the charity.

IP rights to the name, site etc are owned privately, which does not fit well with the declared charitable objectives..."

This was placed on the site as my former business partner saw £ signs with the potential of the charity and tried to take over the concept and I removed him from the company, I had to protect the website as he tried to state to companies house the name was his. The statement of the name rights have now been removed.

To confirm that Major General Roddy Porter is our Patron you can contact:

Major (Ret'd) M Hooley
Assistant Regimental Secretary
The Royal Welsh
ATN: 94355 8215
Civ: 02920 781215

I have asked Major Hooley to chair a fund allocation board to distribute funds where needed, raises the funds the board administrate, I am not on that board.

All that I am trying to do, is look after the forces as I did when I served, I still look after my regiment by filming recruiting videos, training videos and I may be going to Afghanistan to interview and film my lads on patrol for the Royal Welsh Veterans Association and the Regiment.

We all want to help our forces this is the way I want to do it.

Please feel free to ask for any other information you require

If anyone wishes to assist with this please let me know, if we as comrades can't help them no one else will

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