Forces complaints system unfair and inefficient

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by western, Apr 1, 2011.

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  1. "with 29 cases dating back to 2005 or earlier still unresolved. "

    Long time to wait for a answer!
  2. Judging by some of the comments on here, it certainly is inefficient - there are a couple of regular posters who have had complaints in for over a year. Unfair? Well, we've certainly seen (much derided) compensation payments to people when the hierarchy have effed up the complaints process so, in practice, quite often (even if it is through incompetence and self-interest) rather than underlying crap design.

    Or, looking at it the other way, people taking the beam out of their eye before considering the mote in their brother's is as rare as it was in Galilee ...
  3. I complained to my mate about 20 years ago about the NAAFI being shut on Saturday morning. Has anything been done about it? Has it ****! 20 years FFS!
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  4. 30 years ago - I never got a chance to digest my breakfast properly before PT, did the PTIs ever listen? NO, no apology, no sympathy, no allowances, not even an anti-acid tablet!

    Make the Baroness do some PT straight after breakfast I say!
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  5. 30 odd years ago the RSM said he was going to ram his pacestick up my arse. He didn't, I complained and was put in the nick instead.
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