Forces Compensation Claim Help


sorry if this is in the wrong section...

Anyway, I have a claim going thro the armed forces compensation scheme. The claim went in in October of last year, and is still pending.

I'm not sure if this is a usual length of time to take, or not.

Also, because of the type of claim, i'm not sure what i should be expecting, if i dont get a 'nice' amount, what can i do? Should i get a solicitor involved? (because of the injurys, and injuries that will come in years to come...)

On an open forum i will only say, it involves someone having an ND and myself ending with a shattered femur...

I'm currently posted because of my injury, and i'm not sure if there is anyone on this camp who i could speak to about this, so i'm wandering if there is anyone i could speak to, who has had experience in this matter, or has an idea of what i can do...


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