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This is a bit lengthy but please bear with me...

I am ex-AGC but now work for a law firm in Spain. I have a forces client who is currently on tour in Afghanistan.

He bought property off plan here in Spain a couple of years ago and due to delays the completion date has fallen during his tour. This is no problem as we hold Power of Attorney and routinely act on behalf of our clients, wherever they may be in the world.

Problem is that in order to complete his purchase he needs a fiscal number (closest equivalent would be the UK NI number). The issuing authorities cannot do this without a legalised copy of his current passport and the one I have expired some six months ago.

Ordinarily, the client would go along to his local notary, get his passport copied and legalised (Hague Apostile) and the notary would send it to us – but I gather that there’s not much in the way of local notaries in theatre. It could also be done at any British or Spanish Embassy but that’s equally unlikely.

Does anyone know what sort of facilities may be available to him in theatre?
Does the equivalent of a Notary exist, Legal Branch perhaps?
Would he be allowed to send his passport home to his wife, who could do the necessary and then send it back to him?

If I am unable to get a copy of his passport he will be in danger of losing the fairly substantial deposit he has paid, unless I could get a letter, maybe from his CO, stating that he is on tour and unable to produce the documents we require to act on his behalf (which would also need to be authenticated to be admitted by Spanish law).

I also need to get hold of his P60 and some pay statements in order to get his mortgage in place. Can he authorise someone to get these from the RAO, or ask the RAO to send them to me?

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.


Somewhere in Theatre will be a representative from Legal Branch. Your client can aproach them ask for assistance. I did the same whilst in Germany and it all worked out. In addition, your client should have retained his P60 and pay statements. She could possibly get OC Rear Party to authenticate any statement copies. The RAO will only release copies of his statements on written authority from him and even then it would depend on the RAOWO/FSA/RAO. The would not hold copies of his P60.


P60 and statement copies can be obtained from ArmyNet. Dunno if that would be acceptable legally but it has all the appropriate information on it.
Idrach said:
P60 and statement copies can be obtained from ArmyNet. Dunno if that would be acceptable legally but it has all the appropriate information on it.
That's great - if it's all online I could ask him to email copies. The financial stuff doesn't need further authentication.

Only problem now is the passport - will suggest he seeks out Legal Branch rep - thanks Mac
He should have a new passport as you have to have 6 months left on it before deploying anywhere.
HE has his passport - the point is that I need a copy. Not just a photocopy but one signed by a notary and legalised with the Hague Apostile.
For the record you cannot post your passport, it is needed for compassionate reasons on ops and causes a diplomatic nightmare if the soldier doesnt. Can he not visit you on his POTL, or is the timeframe too short??? I would do so if it meant me not losing my deposit.
He is not legally allowed to send is passport overseas by post , if it crosses international boundaries he has to be with it ................. will a photocopy do?If so I am sure there are people on here who can get message to him that he needs to send one to you.

edited because I am a mong and forgot to mention that theres no way he can post his origional whilst on ops as its very very important to have wit you , compassionate, cassevac , etc
As I mentioned before, you can apply for a second (business) passport in certain circumstances.

It is intended to allow for travel whilst a passport being held due to the frequent need to have visa applications processed.
In this case, the best bet will be the ALS/RAFLS who will be at J1 Branch at JFLogC/NSE or whatever they are calling it today. They'll be able to provide a copy passport with suitable validation.

Why not contact ALS HQ and ask for a contact?

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