Forces betrayed on Housing & Health

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex-Grenadier, Apr 13, 2007.

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  1. In addition to David Cameron's statement on Thursday, a member of the Shadow Defence team Mark Harper MP outlined the Conservatives’ plans to improve the welfare of British troops. He reminded the Government of the military covenant which requires the troops to lay down their lives for the country and act with professionalism and integrity in the face of great demands that the nation puts on them. In exchange they should expect that they and their families are provided with the full support of the country and can be confident that their needs will be provided for both in conflict and at home. He highlighted four key areas of government failure:

    * Healthcare: Mr Harper said that a Conservative government would create a dedicated military ward in Selly Oak hospital in Birmingham. According to him, treatment for our forces should not be divorced from the ‘mental healing’ which they can only receive if they recuperate together. He also highlighted the difficulties their families face with obtaining NHS dental care because of their regular travels across the country.

    * Housing: The Shadow Minister quoted the Adjutant General of the Army who said that the quality of the accommodation offered to the majority of our troops was below standard. He argued that this situation must be improved because we expect our troops to lay down their lives for their country and in exchange they ought to receive quality accommodation from the country. Further he stated poor accommodation quality was one of the factors affecting recruitment in the Armed forces.

    * Education: Mr Harper stated that a Conservative government would look into providing quality education for our troops by offering to pay for them to access university education if they have served for more than five years. He believes that this will help to increase the retention rate as well as improve interaction between our troops and the wider society.

    * Spending: The Shadow Minister criticised the government for failing to match its spending and recruitment with its international commitments. He argued that our forces are under funded and overstretched. Mr Harper promised that a future Conservative government will ensure that our spending on defence is sufficient to maintain our international obligations.
  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator


    All easy to say and promise when you are not in a position to do anything.

    BTW the one on Health was promised by the PM back in Oct during PMQ's and nothing has happened to my knowledge but I am waiting for a reply from Mr Twigg (only 2 months) but as they are all on holiday again I'll have to learn to wait. Our dear conservative's and liberals have not even challenged the PM on it.
  3. Aint talk cheap???
  4. Hmm, I think I'll wait and see just who delivers what.....faced with an NHS that is screaming for cash, and a social security department that is subsidising the million or so of the idle classes, I think the welfare of a few seamen, soldiers and airmen is way down the list of spends......
  5. Only if it isn't acted upon.
  6. Spanner, I agree that the welfare servicemen and women couldn't be much further down this Government's list of priorities without completely falling off the end! As for the NHS and Social Security, this Government has presided over the very problems you refer too. Why continue supporting an outfit with such a disasterous track record?
  7. I think you'll find that Mark Harper's statement is declaring an intention, which by definition criticises the Labour Government's failure to act as undertaken. Further, despite some apparent general shallowness on political matters, David Cameron made a similar statement around the same time. The Conservative's clearly have a determination to put right the many shortcomings inflicted by Labour on our Service personnel and have the advantage over Labour that they have Front-bench spokesmen with Service experience, whilst Labour has absolutely none. The LibDems are the political transvestites of the British political scene, with no possibility of forming a Government.
  8. Nice to hear but I am afraid I would rather see action than hear about it so we shall see if Mr Cameron gains the top job what he actually delivers!
  9. I think the tide is changing Brits take a lot of waking up but when they do its best to watch out. We could help ourselves by clicking on the link below and finding out if your MP supports the troops.
  10. Time will tell Grad, but the Conservatives are the best chance we've got.
  11. But they've been in power for the llast ten years.

    Oh, THOSE conservatives
  12. Aint talk cheap???[/quote]

    Very true, especially when the basics are still not in place.

    When are they going to wake up and start doing?

    I know only too well how difficult life can be, awaiting discharge, challenging NHS waiting lists and poor after care (whilst on sick leave) for/from our own. Isn't it time we had a top Ex - Serviceman/Woman in the house? I read with hope, a post recently about just this....oh yes.
  13. Your link doesn't work