Forces Bashing Pt92


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Just when you thought that it had all gone quiet on the forces bashing front, this just in from the BBC.

The UK Defence Attache to Thailand was arrested on 17th February, and will appear before the Magistrates on 11 March.

Col Peter Roberts MBE has been charged with being drunk on an aeroplane, and using threatening behaviour.

The BBC did use the header "Diplomat Charged Over Plane Row", but I rather suspect that the Scum won't.
From The Scum:

Toffee Nosed Army Officer Destroys Plane in Drunken Fury


Colonel Peter Roberts, the UK's senior soldier in Thailand, has been arrested by local coppers for recklessly engandering the lives of hundreds of passengers on a busy plane miles over the ocean.


The part of ocean they were flying over was similar to that destroyed during the tsunami.


Colonel Roberts, who was awarded the OBE for services to aristocracy and probably hurting Iraqis in shockingly scandalous (and totally untrue) allegations reported widely in this rag declined to comment.


Colonel Peter said 'I behaved awfully and I'm really very sorry'.

What The Sun (the Forces' Favourite) wants to know is, Bring Back the Death Sentence for this murderous soldier bastard.
Ahhhh, nothing like it is there...lets put the boot in when the Military are taking a bashing on all fronts

Gotta love that Scum :roll:

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