Forces amputees return to duty

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by oldbaldy, Apr 19, 2007.

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  2. WTF not? Management Information is the life blood of any organisation. How do DMS plan for requirements in theatre and back to Selly Oak? How are new tactics and safeguards being developed if no-one knows what the threat and impact are?

    Sounds like a bit of spin to me.
  3. It asks for a plethora of less important (according to the spin machine) information. i bet they could give a figure for the amount of gay, ethnic minorities and women who are serving in theatres. Probably give their boot size as well.
  4. Those are certainly my thoughts about the matter. I cannot believe that records aren't kept regarding the nature of the injuries of those wounded in theatre. Methinks this has something to do with the FoI Act and the government not admitting to possessing certain information lest interested (read "pesky") individuals or organisations request to see it.
  5. There are those who say the MoD has been steadily manipulating casualty figures and that "minor" injuries sustained and treated on the ground are filtered out.

    But for a Government Department that has longhad a statitics fetish to claim that numbers for serious injuries are "not available" points to either gross negligence or somewhat darker motives.

    Tin foil hats optional
  6. Or a bone idle Staff Officer/Civil Servant who probably believes that life would be so much better in the MOD if there weren't any soldiers.
  7. Spot on! From the day Bliar took power, everything has been benchmarked and league-tabled, so either they're lying about what information they have about casualties or they're once more confirming the widely-held belief that to them servicemen and women are less important than any other group within society.
  8. It's rubbish as I'm sure medical colleagues will agree. Whilst medical confidentiality might rule out description of injuries to individuals, it would not be hard to aggregate such information at all. Quite simply, the MoD don't want a headline 'X soldiers maimed by Blair's wars'.

    Personally, I think the wider population should understand the greater sacrifice necessary for these sort of operations. We rightly note the loss of those killed, but those seriously injured are usually quickly forgotten with just a 'speedy recovery to those injured' comment. If they are reported as very seriously injured, or even just seriously injured, it is actually quite likely that they will never fully recover.
  9. It would more than likely make very alarming reading if the true figures were published, thats why they don't have them.

    The more I see of this govenment, the more I realise that Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister were predicitions, not satire.

    "No, Minister we lost those files in the flood of '78."
    "Oh, was it a bad flood."
    "No, it was a great flood, we lost all manner of embaressing files that day."
  10. How on Earth is a department meant to plan medical logistics and medical manning levels if it has no idea of casualty rates and types.

    As alluded to, it is either gross negligence that no figures are available, or spin.

    Are we to believe that Diversity figures are a higher priority than casualty figures?

    If this is the case, what does it say about the priorities of those who are meant to command us?
  11. Maybe they'll have another one of those circulars that plague us? Tick box that applies: are you legless a) above knee? b) below knee?
    More Govt bollox.
  12. Hats off to the lads who are back to work though.

    They put our lords and masters to shame don't they!
  13. Indeed!

    Well done to those who have got up, dusted themselves off and started again.

    Good luck to the other 22%.
  14. Well said Cad

    Role models to us all