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Not entirely sure if this is the right Forum section for this question but it seemed to be the closest.

Basically, as a civilian halfway through the application process for joining the Infantry, I was wondering if with strategic reviews and what not do they ever just ask you to leave the army if you dont want to?

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Not including being naughty?
Yes its happened before in the 90's. The Strategic Defence review binned off 1/3 of the forces, many people left because they were offered redundancy, others went because it was the end of their time that they had signed on for. There were two or three waves I think from about 92 to 97
They did make people redundant in the 90s as part of a review and we are still feeling the effects now (probably wasn't the best idea to get rid of all that experiance all at once).
The recruiting age has gone up to 33.
7% of the army is from the commonwealth.
V-eng(extended service) is being offered to Cpls at the end of their 22 years.
The TAs workload has shot up to support the regulars
Training depots try their hardest to get people up to the minimum standard instead of just letting them go.(like they did in the past).
There are more than a few downgraded personel making up the numbers.
The army is the smallest its been for over 100 years
After all that the army is still 3% under strength.

I doubt very much anyone will be forced to leave (barring discipline and severe medical cases).
Although if Labour are in power much longer the defence will probably be contracted out on a PFI deal.


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If you're thinking that you can always just ask to bugger off if you don't like it, forget it.
They'll never do another SR like they did in the 90's, because it's now bit them hard in the arrse.
It'll be your minimum three service, years notice, out in four at the earliest. Or go AWOL, and be regarded as an arrse. :)
No you numpty im not thinking of an escape route - Why would I even join if that was the case!

Just asking with regards to job security as I had heard of the SR and didnt know how often they occurred. Thanks for the heads up all.

There have been six redundancy phases in over 30 years, IIRC.

NuLab doesn't like the Services and the Tories don't like spending the money; take your choice!


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