Forced to buy kit??

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by spartan30, May 1, 2013.

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  1. My regiment has all just been briefed by the RSM on our dress. As it is getting hotter we are being allowed to dress down to T-shirts while doing strenuous work on lines. The catch is that we will only be allowed to do so if we have the regimental T-Shirts, all of which cost about 15£. This has also been extended to P.T. Additionally we are all being ordered to buy core belts, retailing at 20£. These were issued to some in the regiment but not others. And now we have been told that if we want to represent our regiment in any sport we will have to buy a Regimental jacket costing about 50£. Someone raised the issue with the RSM when we were getting briefed, about the belief soldiers didn’t have to pay for kit and couldn’t be forced to buy it. His response was if he received any resistance or reticence in buying the new kit we would all be in barrack dress on every occasion that the new kit would have been on view.
    This seems a bit heavy handed, forcing soldiers to pay up to 85£ for kit they need, then threatening punishment if they don’t comply.
    It was my understanding (although I don’t know where I got this from) that the army was obligated to provide kit deemed essential, is this the case?
  2. It's generally how the army rolls. Get used to it!
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  3. Your RSM sounds like a cock. But most capbadges do this (wrongly IMO), so he may just be doing as he is directed.
  4. Mate, that sounds shit.

    That bloke making you wear what he tells you to wear and making you buy it is well out of order.

    Have you tried ringing the Padre and telling him about this.
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  5. PT in barrack dress would be interesting. Maybe it will set a new trend, and a use for FAD?
  6. There you go princess... Should be enough for the entire Regt.
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  7. I've got say I've never been forced to buy any kit. Over the years my unit have given me, t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, track suits and most recently a new running jacket.

    Sadly in your case I think you're stuck, rightly or wrongly this is how the Army works and I doubt your RSM (or the Army) are going to change anytime soon.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    No problem - the army supplies you with everything you need.

    Your RSM has got it wrong though, as Barrack dress is not the solution to all problems.

    You can do your strenuous work in PCU or better yet in coveralls.

    You can do your PT in shorts, Stanley Matthews and T Shirts, red, saggy necked.

    You can attend representative sports in barrack dress. Nice and smart, uniform, and totally fit for purpose for travelling on a minibus to and from games on the taxpayers time.

    All as issued, no dramas.
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  9. I don't see what's wrong with the issue T-Shirts, belts and rank slides.

    I still bought all of the Regimental guff that you are supposed to without kicking up a fuss. Just because I don't agree with it doesn't mean to say that it's worth tainting your career over.

  10. Nothing new. Stable Belts ("CorPs") has been a required non issue item since it was decided not just the cavalry would wear them. Same with regi T-shirts and the like, and it works both ways with the regi jackets. If you're good and they want you on the team, what happens if you have no jacket?
  11. You do what I do and wear a Sqn jumper from about three units ago!
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  12. Why dont you want to buy regimental tshirts etc ?

    Where is your pride and esprit de corps
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  13. Because when you change units every two years, it gets a little expensive to be paying hundreds of pounds in the PRI every time you move on.
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  14. Because most regiments or squadrons give **** all reason to be proud of them.
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  15. Bet yours is just thrilled to have you skintboy