Forced hydration

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by spoomo, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if their is an official line on this, when, where, why... etc...

    A while back I was made to drink a full water bottle literally within minutes of a battle PTI session which in itself was just an hour after scoff where we'd all been chucking water down our necks in prep for upcoming battle PT session.

    Good bye lunch!
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Um yes well....

    In 1990 I was one of 5 critical Heat Exhaustion cases in the Forces after a run on RoCo.

    Better that you drink the water and puke than go through what I did!

    I was lucky 2 of the guys died.
  3. I appreciate that Gremlin, I just find it a little absurd with the timings involved, right after a period of time everyone was openly seen chugging back the fluids - at the insistance of said PTI who's commenting "Thats it lads, get that water down your necks!".

    Was not even a hot day...

    At this point I realise I probably should have specified that we took on the water before the session commenced...
  4. Better to be safe than sorry Spoomo
  5. Would be a bit different if the admin fcuk-up in your troop died due to dehydration, though. Then how bad do you think the PTI would feel... he's only trying to cover his own arse.
  6. Absolutly agree with you Lobster - Dont get me wrong, Im not specifically critisising said PTI, certainly after people started hurling their guts up a few mins into the session there were some harsh words muttered about the whole affair!

    This is what I am asking though, there what Id perceive to be a slight admin screw up in this case, because of the amount and timing of the forced hydration in relation to scoff and an hour later a full bottle of water a few minutes prior to the BPT session on a not particularly hot day anyway

    So does anyone know of any regulation of forced hydration?
  7. I think you'll find it rears its ugly head in risk assessment so the PTI was just playing it by the book!
  8. Chugging the water and then throwing it back up is only going to leave you more dehydrated and potentially hyponatremic.

    Water should be sipped after exercise otherwise your stomach becomes bloated and it's no good to anyone. Sipping it leads to a nice, even intake of water.

    God save us from zealous PTI's! :)
  9. I am surpised that it was an hour after lunch, although maybe the recruits should have accepted some responsibility and not eaten quite so much!
  10. Who say's we're recruits? Assumptions... tsk!

    Was just a weekend (STABS!) in camp with a few bits of PT and Battle PT thrown in for laughs and to break the monotony of death by powerpoint and other boring tasks.
  11. Ugh, dont get me started. Spam basic training there was a parade every night when one had to consume a bottle of water. Left me sick as a dog and urinating like a race horse. Firm believer in knowing my own body and what its capabilities are. A few rotations after mine, a young soldier died from drinking too much water, during one of these pointless formations. Dont know the fancy medical term for it, but dead on arrival she was. In addition, in the spam press today, another woman died from drinking too much water while attempting to win a Nintendo Wii on a local radio station. Apparently all the salts in her body had been diluted in such a way as to kill the woman. DJ fired and no doubt huge law suit on the way.

    So, yes, there are two sides to the coin. Death by dehydration and death by (insert fancy medical term for over hydrating here)
  12. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Do you have any idea how many pints of water it would take to kill someone FFS, we are talking about a waterbottle full here not a bowser!!!

    And Chalky is spot on - it needs to be taken onboard at a steady rate not downed in one!
  13. hyponatremia

  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    This is the key point - if everyone could be trusted to take a reasonable amount of fluids on board a sensbile time before phys, then there would be no need for supervised hydration.

    If you were the PTI running it, would you be happy that everyone had drunk enough, or would you want to make sure?

    Our Joes get supervised eating and drinking, particularly where they are living in the field. The amount who pile in on a tab and are then discovered not to have eaten/drunk enough due to poor admin means that it must be supervised for their own health and safety.

    Sorry you were sick. You would be even more sorry if you were in hospital with a heat/dehydration injury.
  15. Hypernatraemic I think you mean!

    Hyponatraemia is also bad news - with encephalopathy as a symptom...Basically controlled water intake but also watch the salts. People conducting exercise need to watch their troops, making sure they have hydrated earlier and then rehydrate adequately afterwards.