Force Safety to save lives

When will we every be safe in Iraq

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We spend millions on new desks and computers, but what about us the ones without a NSN? Having recently returned again from the big sand pit i was shocked to see just how far management will go to scrimp on our safety. Have they never heard of HARDEND Accomadation. OOPs sorry we do have our balsitc quilt and balistic domes to live in. How many more deaths in our sleep of men and women of the three services can we put up with.
I chatted to members of the US army there who we saw at meal times and asked them what they thought of the situation. The said i quote "Its more dangerous here in Basra than anywhere the US forces were due to the IDF". They also had the same safety equipment as us in Basra, but hardened accomadation everywhere else in Iraq to combat the threat!!!!!! One of the septics said that he had spoken to his brother about the situation in Basra. He went on to say that his brother was that shocked and that he would be speaking to his congressman about the dangerous situation the US forces were being put under in British sector.
I know we will never get what we need for safety, as the MOD would have to use the same desk or bit of IT kit for another year and are happy to replace us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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